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I have a user at work who is trying to include a song into a powerpoint. I don't think she actually owns the song. So if she doesn't own the song, ( like buying it through itunes ) is it possible to have a link to the song through youtube?
however, even if that is possible, is there copyright/piracy problems with doing that?
if it's ok to link to a song on youtube, is there some quick instructions to do this?
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JeffBeallAuthor Commented:
actually I found the insert video from website thing, so I think I have how this user could link to a song on youtube. I am now mostly interested in if this would be ok from a licensing stand point. Any ideas?
Hi JeffBeall, I can assure you from experience if youtube finds the song is copyrighted on the video they will  simply remove it,
there will be a note put on the video audio removed contravenes copyrights.
But she wont get a fine or anything like that.
I see many video on YouTube using a track and just mention that they don't own it and all rights go to owner. They dont seem to be removed.
Did you know that youtube understands we'd like to add to music and has an inbuilt video editor in our profiles where can add music for free provided by youtube.
Depending on your account standings and if you have upgraded click on the youtube avatar picture then creator studio
if you have a video in there click on the arrow next to edit click on audio
creator studio youtube audio
creator studio youtube audio
update, maybe I mis-understood you, is she uploading the power point to youtube?
Linking a track from youtube if that track was not created by you but a user on youtube who has granted anyone can use it then it's fine.
Otherwise no it the same rules applies if you didnt create it and have not permission from the author and wish to put your file in the public domain, web page don't do it please.
With google you can find free music to download
select your prefs on the left, click the arrow to play
I chose ambient some nice tracks here, if one you like click free it downloads to your download folder

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Basically anyway you distribute the song without a license (which would be expensive) is going to be illegal and a breach of copyright. This might even be the case if you purchased on iTunes.  Are you likely to be sued? Probably not but still technically not kosher and you are "At Work". If you were might cost a lot of dosh.
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JeffBeallAuthor Commented:
"maybe I mis-understood you, is she uploading the power point to youtube?"

no, it would have been a link in her powerpoint to a song on youtube.
they ended up buying the song on Amazon, then it played embedded in the powerpoint.

"This might even be the case if you purchased on iTunes"

I'm confused by the whole copyright thing, but I wonder if it would be that if I were trying to make money off the song by playing it, then it would be a violation? Which, I could understand that, but this is just a work powerpoint, I think it is just to thank an employee, or something like that. So, there definitely wouldn't be any money made off this.
Makes me wonder though, what about people like DJ's? Let's say they purchased all of their music they play at a party, but they are getting paid to play the music. On the one hand, I could see how the musician would like the publicity, their songs would get more exposure. However, the DJ would be making money off someone else's songs?
JeffBeallAuthor Commented:
thank you for the help.
Copyright is a minefield and has very little to do with whether you purchased the CD / mp3.

To demonstate with an extreme situation.

You BUY a Beachboys CD and use it as the soundtrack of  major file starring Angilina Jolie.

You are gonna get sued.

Somwhere in less extreme situations there is probably a line (technically I don't think there is) but I don't know where it is and I doubt you do.
Before there was internet /and TV the world wide consortium access  wasn't so much a problem, the only way to get a music track or hear it was buy it or record it on the VCR or listen to radio
 anything used in the public domain was through a broadcast license  or TV etc but since the last 10 years of internet this idea that everything was free to download changed the copyright laws.
The information technology on the WWW is instant now
to illistrate
Copyright Infringement Policy
Copyright Law, the Illegal Use of File Sharing Programs, University Policies and Procedures for Handling Violations
Why is this an important issue right now?
Copyright is an issue of particular seriousness because technology makes it easy to copy and transmit protected works over our networks.

So lets say you give everyone in your office a copy of this power point slide and they like the music they could copy it and take it home.
Not everyone is trying to break the law or make money but always there are those who do bad things among the good who don't.
So laws are now one shoe fits all.
It's a double edge sword the greedy get greedier.
Bottom line the cause is there is simply too many human beings in this world relying on the system and our system is based on money.
Everyone has a fair right to their own property and what is done with it on the internet.
Just like our homes are in a public street but we own the stuff inside.

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