I would like to parse a DBF file via Delphi XE5 can anyone help me?

i have uploaded the files


there is a DBT too, how can link that too?
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Geert GConnect With a Mentor Oracle dbaCommented:
you want to parse the DBF files ?
like reading the header, evaluating the info, etc, etc ... or

you want to extract the data ?
and import it into a rdbms system ?

if the latter, just install the BDE and use TTable components to read the data
some rdbms systems have tools for importing data from other database formats like DBase

or do you really want to maintain the DBF files ?
What do you mean by parsing the file?

DBF and DBT files are associated with FoxPro.  To properly look at them you need FoxPro.

Are you trying to understand the structure of the file or do you just want to see the data in the file?

RT_Author Commented:
i would like to see the data in the file. need to get it into a stringgrid
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I recommend you use FoxPro.  I believe it comes with Visual Studio.  I don't know much more than that about how to use it.

RT_Author Commented:
i am looking for a code example
Sinisa VukCommented:
dbf file is DBaseIII file and according to: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DBase - dbt is extension of dbf (large memo text).
So add odbc alias in odbc configuration tool (Odbc data sources) width driver:
Microsoft Access DBase driver (*.dbf, ...) and set foder where both filres are.
In Delphi app - use simple ado components connected to that odbc alias.
A third party commercial package that I've used since 1985 is Topaz by Software Science at http://www.softsci.com/ .  Works, has loads of features and emulates dBase within a Pascal context.
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