Release from blacklist

Receiptant recieving emails in spam which sent by us.

Our domain and email account listed in blacklist.

How can we release domain and email account from blacklist?

Email hosting in google apps and domain hosted in hostgator
DeadmanIT ConsultantAsked:
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DeadmanConnect With a Mentor IT ConsultantAuthor Commented:
Thanx Andy Morton,

Its has issue domain name renewal after renewal domain cleared from blacklist.
Andy MConnect With a Mentor Internal Systems ManagerCommented:
Usually you can request a removal from the actual blacklist company themselves by going to their website though I would advise firstly finding out why you are on the blacklist itself before you do and sort that out otherwise you can get re-listed again. As you are hosted with Google it would be worth asking them to help sort out the problem as they will have access to log files which will help determine the cause.
DeadmanIT ConsultantAuthor Commented:
Solved my self
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