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Best way to communicate between two programmes (VB.NET)


I'm looking for some advice on a project I am working on.

Presently I have 2 Console Applications (That run 2 separate API's one for the phone system ACD and one of the Call Recorder).

These churn through traffic and store information in a database ready for a client application (Windows Form) to obtain and use.

At present I am storing the information in a SQL Table and using calls to and from the SQL database in both the Console Applications and Windows Form application.

Is this best practice? In my experience under load the SQL Server could slow down and I don't like the idea of relying on DB requests to send the information back.

Is there a better way I could communicate between my Console Applications and my WIndows Form? I was potentially thinking that TCP messages from one to the other on a port would work and then use the Windows Form to use the 'stream' to perform its actions rather than getting the information from the database.

The reason being is ideally I'd like to have the 'database' as stored within memory for quicker retrieval than using the SQL DB.

Any and all advice is fully appreciated. Please give me an explanation as to why your suggestion is efficient as I would like to learn from this rather than just 'do'

Many Thanks!

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