Track Outgoing Email in Exchange 2013 500pnts

I need to track an email to the point that it left our system the email address for example is

Does this have to be tracked via Power shell or is there another way

500 points

Thank in advance

Ian PriceIT ManagerAsked:
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Rajitha ChimmaniConnect With a Mentor Commented:
With Exchange 2013, you can track for the email using Exchange Administration Centre (EAC) or powershell.

The below technet articles have the details.

Powershell (Exchange Management Shell):
Satyendra TiwariManagerCommented:
You can track the message delivery information that will let you track the delivery information about messages sent by or received from any specific mailbox in your organization. Specifically, delivery reports for administrators uses the Exchange admin center (EAC) to perform a targeted search of the message tracking logs.  Please refer to this technet resource to gather in more depth :
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