Using GPO to map the network drive


We are having our home folders mapped to their user profiles.
But some of the users have been moved from different departments to a new department and they want to share their files which are in their My documents(roaming profile)
to a centralized location as they are complaining that because they all moved from different departments, it is hard to find those locations as initially mapped each users profile according to their department.(eg:-Purchase,Sale,Account and Audit etc.).

These are the initial profile paths for the users..

Audit - \\file-server\data\audit\users
Marketing - \\file-server\marketing\users\
Sales - \\file-server\Sales\users

But we have a strict company policy that anything under their home folder should be accessed by that user. So I think changing the user profile path is not an option.

So I am wondering how I try to achieve the request without making any changes to their profile path?
Also how those changes doesn't affect on the existing GPOs?

PS: Every departmental users have a dedicated network drive(G:) for all the departmental related shared files and folders.
So I am thinking if I want to create a centralized location for those users called "Central" in the file server, how I am going to map the persistent network drive(\\file-server\Central using G:\ ) for those users using a GPO and make sure their My documents are accessed by every other users
in that group?

Kind Regards
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Neil RussellTechnical Development LeadCommented:
Setting MyDocuments as shared is not the way to do things, in most peoples opinions.  My Documents is meant to be MY DOCUMENTS, not shared for everyone to see.

Create a new share for each area of the business , \\server\shareddata$\Finance for example.  
Create a a new security group called "G Drive Finance" and put all your finance users in the group.
Set the permissions on the Finance share to be ONLY the "G Drive Finance" group with the permissions you require.
Create a GPO that uses Group Policy Preferences to Map the shared drive using Targeting aimed at that group.

Repeat for all other areas of the business.

Now when a user who is in the "G Drive Finance" group logs in they will get that drive mapped by the GPP.

Alternatively has a SINGLE drive mapped and use the features of  Access-based Enumeration to show only the folders on that shared drive that a user has permissions to see using the same principle as above.

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la-tempestadAuthor Commented:

I got what you mean.
Those shared folder for each department is already there and have been used by relevant people in those departments and already mapped as you have suggested by the GPO preference.

What I am trying to achieve is to create a new shared folder for a different department called "central" (which consists of users who have moved from Sales,Finance,Marketing and Audit departments,so obviously they have their initial profile paths are pointing to different locations and the GPOs are already applied according to their departments ) at "\\file-server1\central" and to share that folder as you mentioned by creating a GPO with preference to MAP that  shared folder.

But my main concern is how I get all/majority of the files which has been under some other locations (users home profile folder) to be moved over to this new central location shared folder "\\file-server1\central" without affecting any other existing GPO's ?
or what is the best advice I can give to the users, moving forward if I am creating a shared folder called "Central"?

Neil RussellTechnical Development LeadCommented:
I would suggest just creating a new GPO with a new share on a new drive letter for CENTRAL.
Now give your users a fixed time period to move, BY THEMSELVES, the files that should exist in central share.

Alternatively create a script that will create a folder based on the users name inside the CENTRAL share and auto migrate ALL of the files from the users current my documents to there over a weekend/Night.
la-tempestadAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the advice:)

Kind Regards
Neil RussellTechnical Development LeadCommented:
Glad to be of service.
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