I need help with Linux server


Our web server hosts a few sites. for example, it host test1.contoso.com, test2.contoso.com, test3.contoso.com, etc. How do I delete test3.contoso.com? It's all hosted on one server which run red hat linux and has apache, mysql, and php running.

Also, is there a way to disable email notification services on the server? I don't want any email coming or redirecting from the server if there is alert/notification setup.

thank you!
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Kent WConnect With a Mentor Sr. Network / Systems AdminCommented:
To remove from apache, find the <virtualhost></virtualhost> container that defines your "test3.contoso.com" entry, and either REM it out or remove the entry and restart apache.
In RH, this is usually found at
Look toward the end of the config file.

To actually remove the files, (and be careful with recursive removes...)
If the sites files actually live in, say, /var/www/html/test.contoso.com/
then you would issue a remove recursive command -
rm -Rf /var/www/html/test3.contoso.com/

To remove the database, if it's named something like test3_contoso_db, then
run the mysql client (mysql -u user - p password), then when at the mysql cli, do a -
mysql> drop database test3_contosos_db;
(note the semi-colon on the end)

Php is just an interpreter running through apache, so there is nothing you need to do with it.
In httpd.conf remove the virtual host block
If you can't find it then it is probably being loaded from the sites-enabled folder - check the httpd.conf for any .conf include lines.
Should also remove the DNS entry - how will depend on where your DNS is hosted

disable email notification services
Email from what?
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