Would this Lync 2013 design idea work?

I'd like to deploy the following Lync environment however I'm uncertain if it's an acceptable deployment design, meaning will it work, or is it flawed?
Server and site resiliency not HA.
Three Sites consisting of 175 users:
Site1 = Phil (HQ) 125 Users
Site2 =  Trenton(DR) - 0 users
Site3 = NY (Branch) - 50 Users
The Phil and Trenton offices/datacenters are 18 miles apart
Phil to Trenton - 1G
Phil to NY = 150MB
Trenton to NY = 150MB
Design Idea:
Configure a pool pair between Phil and Trenton sites, each site containing one Lync 2013 Enterprise server running a SQL backend(sql 2012 std), with a SQL mirror between sites
Each pool would contain only a single server:
LyncSite01 (Phil)
LyncSite02 (Trenton)
Puke FooAsked:
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Mohammed HamadaSenior IT ConsultantCommented:
Your design is correct but it one server in Enterprise pool is not recommended because it would break the windows fabric.

You might want to take a look at this link for further steps you will have to take when you run a single server in a pool.


What do you mean by
with a SQL mirror between sites
are you planning to put a single SQL server on one site and configure it to mirror both SQL servers on each site?

Last thing you have the branch ? are you planning to deploy any lync servers there or connect them by VPN or deploy an EDGE for external connectivity?
Puke FooAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the feedback.   Maybe I wasn't clear enough about the design.  My plan is to setup a pool pair between the two sites using Lync Enterprise with a full SQL backend, which I'll mirror.  I cant use Lync Std Edition because I need full blown SQL for archiving.
Mohammed HamadaSenior IT ConsultantCommented:
You can use Lync Std edition and have SQL standard version on a dedicated server for Archiving. it has nothing to do with Enterprise or Standard edition! Lync Archiving role is now collocated on the Front end! it's no longer a dedicate role like in Lync 2010.

If you don't have more than 5000 users in both sites then Lync Standard on each site with pool pairing between them would be the best way to go with it for both HA and site resiliency.  you can check microsoft's technet KB articles about it.
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Puke FooAuthor Commented:
We're not using Lync archiving, we're using a separate archiving solution to export Lync chat data to a third party which doesn't work with SQL express, we have to use full blown SQL, which requires Lync Enterprise setup.
Puke FooAuthor Commented:
Your following statement, Your design is correct but it one server in Enterprise pool is not recommended because it would break the windows fabric.

 Is this still a problem with the design?
Mohammed HamadaSenior IT ConsultantCommented:
Archiving role on both Lync Enterprise and Standard requires SQL standard/Enterprise to be deployed on a separate dedicated server (Not the FE) in order for it to be functional and it doesn't work with SQL express.

The SQL Express is installed on Lync FE for Standard edition to save the Central Management store.

You can check that out in the following MS article.

Your following statement, Your design is correct but it one server in Enterprise pool is not recommended because it would break the windows fabric.

 Is this still a problem with the design?

Yes because the recommended number of servers for the fabric pool to work is 3 Enterprise servers at least. you will have a lot of issues between the two pools that you're intending to deploy between the two sites.

If you would do a cost effective solution then your best bet is to use the standard edition, otherwise I would only recommend enterprise pools with 3 Lync enterprise servers in each pool for each site.
Puke FooAuthor Commented:
I would love to use Standard Edition, except the archiving solution we are using requires the FE server use SQL, and not SQL express.  The solution connects to the FE server which must be connected to SQL, not express.  If the solution would connect directly to a SQL database, that would be great, but it doesn't, else  I would use Std Edition with a SQL archive database.

Is that a total of three servers between the two sites, or is that three servers for each pool?
Puke FooAuthor Commented:
I've read that you can Pair Pools with Lync Enterprise, so as I understood it, you could pool pair between two enterprise servers each with their own pool, this is not correct?
Mohammed HamadaSenior IT ConsultantCommented:
Yes true you could pair between two pools but to be honest I have never tried pairing two enterprise pools with only one server on each site but I'm assuming that it will work without an issue however! If for any reason the server 1 on Pool 1 fails then you will have a painful job to do which is failover users, CMS...etc and then when this Server is back up and running you will have to failback to it.

Here's a very good demonstration of how Lync DR and site resiliency works

You could also get some general info about it here

I'm probably going to apply this scenario in a lab and see how it works because I know when Lync enterprise have 2 servers in a pool and one of the servers goes off the other server goes crazy and services would stop and you will have to restart all servers in order unless there are 3 servers then the fabric pool works as supposedly.

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Puke FooAuthor Commented:
Lots of great feedback, appreciate the help
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