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Windows 7 Firewall Question with Peer to Peer network and VPN.

I have two small peer to peer networks at separate locations connected with a SonicWall site to site vpn. I have a Windows 7 Pro machine at one location that I have a shared folder on that users use as a "pseudo" server. I would like the users on the other side of the vpn to have access to that folder but Windows 7 is seeing that network as being a public network and not allowing access to the shared folder. Turning the firewall off on that machine allows access but that's not an acceptable solution. Is there a way to allow or to tell Windows firewall the other network is private or trusted ?
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if it has a static ip address you can allow that address in the firewall settings
Your easiest fix is to change it to a Work network instead of Public.
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Both sides are set to work, it appears since they are on different subnets across the vpn it is seeing the other side as public.
What would I allow through the firewall ? Can I set an exception to allow the entire subnet for the other side of the vpn ?
Here is an article that deals with this.

It's a matter of setting up firewall scopes for File and Printer sharing rules that are already there.
Just add the remote subnet.
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Perfect answer, thanks.
It seems to me that SMB-In is only one of the firewall rules that might be productively changed.
As in the instructions I provided.....
Nothing personal, I saw both solutions and was prepared to try them both. I tried the other one first because it was one paragraph and it worked so I gave him the points. Thank you both for responding.