Ipod Touch Turns off When Screen Turns off

Client has Son who did Something???

When his Ipod touch Screen turns off the Music turns off

How can I fix this?

Joseph SalazarVice President - Senior IT ConsultantAsked:
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Check that the headphone cable is fully inserted, clean the inside of the headphone jack of dust / debris with a cotton bud / stick trimmed down in size and a drop of isopropyl alcohol (or white spirits)
And / or try another headphone.

Cotton buds are labeled differently in some places:
Joseph SalazarVice President - Senior IT ConsultantAuthor Commented:
I tried Michael's suggestion and it still turns off when the screen goes off

Any other suggestions?

Have you tried changing the setting for auto lock to "never"?
(Settings>general>auto lock)
Joseph SalazarVice President - Senior IT ConsultantAuthor Commented:
Michael was correct,

I took it to Apple Store and they sold me a "NEW" set of earphones that worked.

Thanks Michael

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