Linux CentOS p2v issue

hello Experts
i am trying to convert a linux physical server to VMware virtual server, but i got the following error at the beginning and with failed.
Error: event.ObtainHelperVmIpFailedEvent.summary
the VMware converter i am using is 5.5.3
so whats wrong with it and how to fix it?

thank you
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Manfred BertlConnect With a Mentor ManagerCommented:
I'm not really familiar with the current versions of VMWare, but maybe that article helps:
beardog1113Author Commented:
thank you
Manfred BertlManagerCommented:
Did it solve your problem?
beardog1113Author Commented:
there is so rich information in your post, so i found i did not define the helper adapter and IP address so that doesn't work.
thank you
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