a picture of ticket software

Could you send a picture of what ticket software does
Maybe osticket or another ticket software.
I have used osticket php for assigning customer tickets to different support agents
I have looked at the mysql database of osticket
Please no words and please only one picture. Beginner will not become expert overnight by looking at many pictures or reading 600 page manual.
A picture says many words and I am looking for a picture for a beginner.
Reason: beginner thinks godaddy.com webhosting  phone support is better than email support because first human is reached quicker.
Beginner does not realize that reaching a higher level of support who is directing my (not beginners') support ticket to highest level of support is better for me (but not better to a beginner who needs to speak to phone sales agent)
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Ray PaseurCommented:
I may not be fully understanding the question, but I can share some personal experiences with two support groups.

First, with GoDaddy, when I picked up a client who used GoDaddy, and who found their real-estate web site was suddenly unreliable.

1. I modified their scripts to alert me whenever a database error occurred.  The notifications told me that there were too many database connections, clearly showing that GoDaddy had an overloaded server, and the overload was causing run-time failures for their clients

2. I called GoDaddy and was put on hold for 20 minutes

3. Someone finally came on the line and told me that GoDaddy does not support clients who use PHP scripts.

4. I explained that PHP was irrelevant - the server was overloaded and unable to respond to client requests.  I asked them to move the site to another server.  GoDaddy balked, refused, got confused, stumbled, objected and finally, when the message got to the "3-banana man," they made the requested change.

5. This was only resolved after it consumed eight (8) hours of my time, at a cost to my client of $1,600.  Not to mention the lost revenue from users frustrated with a balky real estate web site.  (If you're interested in the backstory, learn about real estate commission rates -- my paltry $1,600 fee was probably only the tip of the iceberg).

Next, with LiquidWeb.  I needed an SSL certificate so I could run a secure site.  When you call LiquidWeb, the phone answering machine says, "Press 2 for support, press 1 for sales."  I pressed 2.

I was off the phone with a solution within less than a minute.  It was so quick and easy I didn't even bill the client -- I just called to give them the good news.

To sum it up, the cost of good technical support is amazingly small (the monthly difference in price between GoDaddy and LiquidWeb is pocket change).  The lack of good technical support is astonishingly expensive.  The magic that I bring to my clients?  I know how to find the good ones and avoid the bad ones.
Scott Fell, EE MVEDeveloper & EE ModeratorCommented:
Depending on what you need, phone support can be better than email support.  You can speak to somebody hopefully right away and discuss in real time the issues.  With email, you could have hours or days of back and forth to figure something out.  Especially for a beginner, a phone call allows the technician to ask the proper questions to figure out the actual issue.  

With email support, the beginner may describe an issue they think is the problem when the issue is something completely different.   Or the beginner could be describing an issue with their scripting such as php or javascript and that would not be something a hosting provider would help with.

I am not going to take the time to create screen grabs when you can easily look at the site yourself :) some options  would be https://www.sysaid.com/ where there is a free tier that is only ticketing.  However, the paid tier lets you take over your clients computer if needed.  

http://www.smartertools.com/smartertrack/help-desk-software.aspx is also good, but it is windows based.  

There are plenty of others and from experience there will be a learning curve with these types of things.
Scott Fell, EE MVEDeveloper & EE ModeratorCommented:
I 2nd Liquidweb.com.   I have used them for VPS and Dedicated hosting  for the past 5+ years.   When you contact support via phone, email (ticket) or chat, you are talking to THE person that can handle your request.  No level-1 escalated to level-2.    

For shared windows hosting, http://webservices.thesba.com/ (liquidweb does not have shared windows hosting only windows vps or windows dedicated).   You can't put a price on the support you get with them.  thesba.com is what I used to use when it was crystaltech.  If I needed windows shared hosting (and I don't) that is where I would go.
rgb192Author Commented:
Ray has a specific answer with more personal details so I like that answer better.  I read that answer many times because there is so much information in a personal story.

Please delete if this information if not allowed by experts exchange:

Todd Cluff  and Rod Fitzhugh work at goadaddy ceo team

I only have a common email and phone for both.

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