Good Slow Motion and FrameByFrame video player?

I need a player which can play videos in slow motion, with customizable play speed, and FrameByFrame if needed. The video files are in mp4 format, but I can convert them in any other (mkv, avi (divx)) if needed so.
I need a suggestion for a such freeware video player. Most popular players such as GOM Player, KMPlayer, VLC, doesn’t seem to be very useful in this respect… even if they have something that is vaguely like this, it is usually very crude, very convoluted, hidden, etc… they are simply not designed with such a purpose in mind…I tried “Sport Video Player” and “Quintic Player”, but they are of very low quality, with very rudimentary functionality, and sometimes even not working… I need a program that is pretty good for this purpose, reliable and of a decent quality. Suggestions (Windows)?
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EirmanChief Operations ManagerCommented:
I haven't tried BS Player yet but it may be worth giving it a try ...
This feature suggests that it may have frame by frame control ....

Capture frame from video and save it to jpeg image
Would you like to keep a photo of your favourite movie scene? Use the Frame capture feature to do that easily. Now it depends on you alone whether the picture will find its way to your wall as well. You can take screenshots in jpg or bmp formats and define their filename format.

If you can't find a suitable player, you might have to use a movie editor.
Most of them have frame control and allow previewing.
VLC Player can go up to 0.03x speed (it's free too).
Quality is no issue, as it's almost frame by frame (this function doesn't need to degrade the quality of the video after all, it just needs to display the frames slower, meaning quality depends on the video file, not on the player)
Play Video > Menu Playback > Speed > Slower (Fine) (repeat until speed is what you need, for 0.03x speed, it needs about 4 or 5 times, so better assign a keyboard short cut to it)
Frame by frame and slow motion?
These settings are hidden in the extras in any media player.
If the video quality is reduced then that could be your system?
Please explain low quality?
There should be no loss of quality when changing to slow motion or frame by frame.
Which windows version?
windows 7 or windows 8?
To give you more choices if you prefer windows media player
put it on now playing drag and drop your track on r/click the screen and enhancements/ at least here you have the separate adjustment screen
 the thing is slowing the video if it has audio will also slow slurr the audio
WMP play speedSM Player
SM playerDaum Pot player open control panel
Pot Player

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npaunAuthor Commented:
Hi, due some complications, I've been offline from my account, so I could not respond sooner, unfortunately...
Thank you all for useful comments!

The thing is, most of the players indeed do have some form of slow/fast speed control... the problem is it is almost always very awkward and inconvenient to use, and buried somewhere in the options, and usually VERY inconvenient to switch from normal to slow motion playback. Usually, you can say go to (some) slow motion mode, but that is all...

What I ideally need is that the program that have something like:
1) Click icon A to play in normal speed
2) Have an option to define "slow motion" speed (in entire range down to slowest possible i.e. 1/24, 1/25, 1/29.97)
3) Have icon b, which when clicked, the player play (from the current place in video) in the defined slow motion mode
4) Have icons c1 and c2, which allow you to move frame by frame forward and backward, as needed...
5) If you click icon A, you again play in normal mode. And then you can combine steps 1, 3, 4 as you wish. Instead of "an icon", a keyboard shortcut is also just fine or even better... Which means, a full, fast and elegant way to switch between Normal/CustomSlowMotion/FrameByFrame play modes...

...and something convenient in such a way, I haven’t found in these programs like Player, VLC, BS Player, GOM, KMPlyer and such... maybe I missed in some of them though...

"low quality": very rudimentary interface, very limited of supported video formats, freezing and crashing...
OS; Windows 7
npaun you have to do the work to get these features going, learn the tricks so to speak, VLC has hundreds of features too numerous to mention as it is constantly evolving.
It can play any type of video, it can convert stream capture record rotate a video play radio stations is programmable.. Become familiar with VLC features.
You can run 2 /3/ 4 instances of VLC at the same time as many as you can fit on your desktop. Just click on the shortcut link to VLC  in your taskbar to open the first then for the 2nd rightclick the shortcut link to VLC  in your taskbar and open another instance
taskbar VLC4 instances of VLC with 4 aero peek thumbnails/ you can drag and drop a video on to each one and play them
4 instances of vlc with aero peek I find this handy to compare video. Same can be done with many media players.
check it out lol
4 video on 4 vlcI'll share some of them
If you haven't already done so in VLC go to View at the top and click show advanced controls
now you can see frame by frame below the play screen it looks a roll a film,
When you choose frame by frame in VLC during playback usually not very good quality as you get a motion blur it is video after all, in order to see no motion blur with frame by frame in VLC pause the movie first then repeatedly click the frame by frame and you wont get motion blur or lock ups.
VLC frame by frameFor slow motion or speed
In the View menu of VLC player, Click the Status Bar , so that the current speed will be displayed on the status bar always.
VLC status bar Now that you have that left click on it and drag the slider to increase speed or slow down
VLC play speedThere is no blur playing an mp4 HD 1080
VLC increased speedThe screen in VLC also adjusts depending the video scale of the video and may go into full screen..
you can then also configure the hot keys in VLC
 Keyboard shortcuts VLC
54 VLC sht cut keys
15 Features Of VLC Player That You Probably Don’t Know About
VLC interface doesn't allow to to click the screen to pause like other players and when it is in full screen is annoying
 but you can download an extension/add "click to pause and play" check out the other pages
Micro control panel for VLC on page two of add ons extensions
Holding your mouse over each button shows you what it does

Gom Player shortcut keys
npaunAuthor Commented:
Thanks, these were useful tips.
Is there a way to simulate in VLC repeatedly steps 3 and 5 in my post, i.e. to switch between normal and slow motion playback (with a predefined speed) at will? I can slow down playback with slider, but then for normal playback I have to return it to normal... it is quite god for continuous slow mo playback, but if you wish to switch repeatedly from normal to slow mo and back, it is not handy... I was wandering is there a better way to do this? Thx.
Shortcut keys
See the links I posted above
reposting one of them
see down
Control Playback Speed
VLC also offers variable playback speed, so you can make an audio or video play back slower or faster.

[    << press this on your keyboard increase speed you will see it on the screen
 :  <<  Decrease playback speed.
[   << decreases it by less, and - decreases it by more.

] :   << Increase playback speed

= :   <<< Return to the default playback speed
it's that easy, open vlc drop a video and try it, no need to program any keys they already programmed into vlc.
Practise practise
npaunAuthor Commented:
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