backing up cisco configs

hey guys,

we have cisco switches and firewalls at various locations. What can i use to automate to backup configs of all from one central location?
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rharland2009Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Okay, fair enough.
Here's a similar product - also owned by Solarwinds - that one of my colleagues has used for many years to automate all backups. It works like a charm and starts at $750 USD.
I've used Solarwinds' Network Configuration Manager for some time on both Cisco and non-Cisco routers/switches/firewalls with good success. It's not free, but it does a great job, provides reporting, and also can automate firmware updates and other useful things.

You can download a free, fully-functional 30-day trial and try it on for size.
Cobra25Author Commented:
That looks great, but 2700$ is very steep! I should've specified cost effective :)
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You can use free solution. Cisco devices support kron tab configurations.
Install a free TFTP server and in all your network devices configure below configuration:

conf t

kron occurrence Backup at 17:00 5 recurring
 policy-list Backup
kron policy-list Backup
 cli show run | redirect tftp://
 cli show run | redirect tftp://
TimotiStDatacenter TechnicianCommented:
On the freeware side, rancid is pretty good:

Or you can write a fairly simple script in Expect to upload stuff via tftp and archive that:

set timeout 3

set hostip [lindex $argv 0]
set date [lindex $argv 1]
set tftp [lindex $argv 2]

spawn telnet $hostip
expect_after eof { exit 0 }

## interact with SSH
expect "Username:" { send "USERNAME\r" }
expect "Password:" { send "SUPERSECRET\r" }

set timeout 3

expect "#"
send "copy running-config tftp:\r"
expect "?\r"
send "$tftp\r"
expect "?\r"

set timeout 15

send "$hostip.$date\r"
expect "#"
send "exit\r"

Open in new window

The issue with "sh run" on cisco firewalls is that you only get * when ever you meet a encrypted key so in firewalls use "more system:running-config"
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