AT&T -- cell signal booster ?

I have 3 employees using AT&T
cell phones inside a metal building
that does not have good reception, but
if they walk outside it works fine.

What cell signal booster do you recommend
to cover a small 800 sq foot area ?

Maybe something like,
but I would like to just purchase
a one-time cell signal boster
for under $300 if possible.
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I've heard decent things about this product:

The website will help you size/choose the model you want based on whether you can mount an antenna, 3g/4g boosting necessary, etc. I think their products will fall within your price range.
Rob GMicrosoft Systems EngineerCommented:
You can use the foil trick.. ;) It's about 3cents a phone to do.. But does not always work, and only works on some phones.

For instance the Nokia Lumina 635 you can remove the battery, put down a piece of tin foil, and fold it to look like a stick of gum, put the battery back in, over it, which will boost the antenna reception and will extend the range.

It has worked on all cell phones that you can remove the battery on since the days of the brick.

But the one that Rhar put in, is probably better.. Unless you need an office project... hahhaa ;)
We installed a couple of the Wilson units and they work well, although the zBoost mentioned above assumes the unit can get a signal to the amplifier and that it then regenerates at a stronger level.  With the building you describe, you may need an external antenna that you can wire to an amplifier.  We put in one of the pro units last week that comes with the external Yagi antenna and will boost all four carrier frequencies (which it sound like you don't need) and covers both 3G and 4G.  But it was much more expensive.  
Because your signal strength outside is good, you don't need a strong signal boost as much as you need to bring it inside the building to get inside the "Faraday Cage" you are dealing with.  That is why I think you may need to look at the other units they offer, such as this one for 3G:
But you will pay more like $400.
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