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Best modal window for a C#/ASP.NET Page

I have the data model setup for my project planning web app already.  I just need a modal window to show me the details of the day I click on the calendar.  What's the best one out there to use?
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I've heard that the AJAX Control Toolkit ModalPopupExtender is one of the easiest to implement if you are a beginner (I'm not saying you are: if you are not then it will be seamless for you to implement).  There's an excellent video showing how to use it at

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Well, I'm definitely not an expert.  I've been working with SQL for awhile and now im making a web app.  I have the data model setup inside the app but now i need a nice modal window to display the information.  Looking for help.  I can pay as I need it done tomorrow.
I am no expert either, but I could offer that advice from the limited experience I have.  DId you look at the video tutorial I posted a link to?
I did.  I'm going to have to access my database data  from the code behind, and then call  the ModalPopup from there.  This is where I am stuck.  The video shows how to do it on the front end, page
Hmm; click the "request attention" link to get additional experts to participate here; my limited knowledge is now expired I am afraid.
Thanks so much for your assistance to this point.
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The best way would be using a combination of JavaScript (jQuery helps).

When the user clicks on the calendar day, the click event fires and your script would issue an Ajax call to your server. The server returns the necessary info to the script which would then popup the necessary dialog box or show a div or various other techniques to display a popup.
Researched it further and had to do something, so I just went with it and turned out well.  Thanks for the assistance.