How do I make a hyperlink that includes spaces in email VBA code?

I really have two questions (but #2 is predicated on #1 working):
1)  The code below shows the body of an email with a hyperlink to a path which has spaces in it.  The code works fine to a directory path without spaces.  When it reaches a space however, the code doesn't notice any part of the path beyond the space.
2)  Since I haven't gotten beyond #1 above, I just want to make sure I can use variants within the path to further identify the directory.
>>>>> How do I get beyond #1 question so a space is acceptable to VBA in this hyperlink?

Dim InvPer As String
Dim NewRef3 As String
NewRef3 = Format(Date(), "yyyy")
InvPer = Format(Date(), "mm.yy")
.HTMLBody = "Mary,   " & "<BR>" & "<BR>" & _
            "The " & Chr(34) & "<I>" & "Trial Balance.xlsx" & "</I>" & Chr(34) & " file in the " & _
        '"<a href=\\\corp\shared\Finance\Finance Shared\Beeline\Invoices>" & _
            "S:\Finance\Finance Shared\Beeline\Invoices\" & NewRef3 & "\" & InvPer & "\" & "</a>" & _
            " directory has been updated.  " & "<BR>" & "<BR>" & _
            "Please notify if I can be of further assistance. " & "<BR>" & "<BR>" & _
            "Thanks. "
CFMIFinancial Systems AnalystAsked:
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DrTribosConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Using variable should be ok to build the path
Hakan YılmazConnect With a Mentor Technical Office MEP EngineerCommented:
vbNewLine or vbCrLf
DrTribosConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Use %20 instead of space
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Hakan YılmazTechnical Office MEP EngineerCommented:
Ah, i tought you mean newlines.
Hakan YılmazConnect With a Mentor Technical Office MEP EngineerCommented:
You can use double quotes as escape character in string.
So you can make it like HTMLBody="<a href=""this is my href with spaces"">this is my hyperlink</a>"
CFMIFinancial Systems AnalystAuthor Commented:
You guys are sooo on the ball.  . . . . SO FAST that my question was answered AND CORRECT almost before I asked!!!

THANK YOU.  Happy Holidays.
Glad to help
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