Software setup does not see the netwerk drive letters, how is that possible

Hi all,

in my Windows explorer I can see the network drive letter M. When installing software I need to be able to connect to M for the databse, but the software setup only shows me the local drive letters. How is this possible. The client is Windows 8.1 64 bit pro.

De shares are on a 2008 server. I have seen some RPC errors, don't know if that has anything to do with it perhaps?

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AgrippaSenior IT ConsultantAsked:
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McKnifeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The software setup runs elevated. The elevated user session has not mapped the same drives as the standard user session. So simply use UNC paths as target: \\server\share or first open a command prompt elevated (right click cmd.exe ->run as administrator) and connect the same network drive in there again.

Or, resolve it for good: shows how, it is a small registry edit.
This could be because the setup does not include support for mapped network drives, it only lists local type drives (IDE/sata, usb, ISCSI, FC)
The mapped drive is of a different type.
Install the software with a local DB, then when you run it for the first time, configure it to refer to the network mapped drive as the location where the DB is.
AgrippaSenior IT ConsultantAuthor Commented:

no I am 100% sure the software CAN see network drives, because I've installed this software on 4 machines now and all of them see the M drive.
Making Bulk Changes to Active Directory

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During the install or after the install?

Since I do not have access to this software, look theough the living, going to the top imputed and see whether you can select the mapped drive.

The other option is to install it with a local db on C. Then start the program and reconfigure it to point to M:\ for the database.
Not seeing the drive is normal, it's a (by design) effect of UAC. Could it be that all other 4 Computers had UAC off while this one has it on?
Did you try my suggestions?
AgrippaSenior IT ConsultantAuthor Commented:
Hi all,

I am sorry, this has taken way to long. I was eventually able to resolve it through a UNC path, but I never got the drive letters visable.

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