small bluetooth wireless speaker with great autonomy for in car


I'm looking for a small portable speaker in a car.
Specifically for playing movies in the car (ipad with movies for kids).
It should have great autonomy, mini usb chargeable and great sound (so it could be used on a small party too)

Preferably to be found on a site like miniinthebox or Ali express.

Please advise.
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Darr247Connect With a Mentor Commented:
The price of has went up to $10.50 USD (~ €8.6 Euro) since my first post about it, by the way.  As there is no location info in your profile, and you have never stated where in the world you're at, we have no way to localize such links for you.
Currently, the market is flooded with these speakers and are always on display in any computer or electronics store.
There you can even try it and listen if the quality is up to your standards. Pricing varies, but acceptable quality should range from 50 to 100 euros.
I recommend this over Chinese websites because of better warranty and the ability to know what you'll be getting (while maybe cheaper, you can't verify the sound quality by just looking at pictures and reading specs).
Check out which sells for $8.80 USD... that would be about 7 Euro.

It looks to have the standard micro-USB port for charging... not mini (I've never really seen any device that uses the rather rare mini-USB; most cellphones nowadays use a micro-USB port for charging).
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janhoedt small portable speakers would have little sound output for playing movies in the car (ipad with movies for kids).
and great sound (so it could be used on a small party too)
Maybe in ear headphones for ipad better suited for kids in the car.  
and get a party speaker speaker!!
You might have to find the middle road, portable yes, this Bose is flat yet powerful, not very big but could be suitable for both your needs.. you could lay it on the back window in your vehicle, not knowing what type of vehicle :)    but it's great for parties easy to carry.
Review Bose SoundLink III Bluetooth Speaker  he demo's the new version the Bose speaker guess what it plays at 105 dB
Ali Baba range of mini BT speakers
here's one on Alibaba called the BonPie similar to the Bose but less expensive
2(2.0)channel 16W mini bluetooth speaker with DSP technology,aluminum housing wireless 4.0 speaker with slide volume control

Here's the one I recomend
SoundLink® Bluetooth® speaker III
janhoedtAuthor Commented:
Thanks! However that's kinds of overkill for what I'm looking for.
I'm really looking for something smaller(at least half the size of the soundlink)/ more portable, rechargeable via mini usb and buff autonomy.
Price sound also be around 100 Dollar max.
Guess the sound will be less good but that's not my biggest concern.
Just want a small speaker that I can pack in a suitcase, has great autonomy, charges via miniusb.
You keep saying 'mini' USB, but as I said previously, few devices (mostly cameras) actually use "mini" USB.

All the bluetooth devices I've seen use micro USB, like modern cellphones use, for charging.

e.g.USB plugs (left to right) A, Mini, Micro (click for larger)
janhoedtAuthor Commented:
Sorry I meant micro usb indeed.
I like the idea of a docking station would keep things tidy and easy to use anywhere
This one looks good to me and it's on Alibaba as well.
I bet it sounds good too.
(IPEGA) USB Charging Stand + Audio Speaker with Dock & Lightning Connector & Micro USB Port f Apple iPhone iPad iPod
janhoedtAuthor Commented:
Thanks, but that's not what I'm looking for at all. I think you misinterpreted the question.
janhoedtAuthor Commented:
The price went up.
Thanks, but since I'm not looking for that at all ... ??
Location does not matter either since the site I would like to order from (aliexpress) delivers without any extra costs.
> Thanks, but since I'm not looking for that at all ... ??
It's a small portable and rechargeable bluetooth speaker with a suction cup so it will mount right on a car window... in what way is that not what you're looking for?

Amazon ships that for free from its local sites... if that page's not saying shipping is free, it's because the link is not localized for you (and we can't localize it for you because we have no idea where in the world you are).
janhoedtAuthor Commented:
As first update in your post, you mention "the price went up", so I assumed you were referring to your previous post. It's nice indeed, noticed them before om Aliexpress.
janhoedtAuthor Commented:
Fair enough, not where I was looking for but I won't look any further though.
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