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how to play audio/video files in sequence


I have group of audio a files. I want to play those files in order say 1.mp3 then 2.mp3 then 3.mp3.

similarly i want to play video files like
11.mp4 then 12.mp4 then 13.mp4 etc.

I am using windows media player on my windows laptop.

I want to play same order in the android phone also.

please advise. thanks in advance
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3 Solutions
This can be done in Windows Media Player via a "playlist"


... for info on how to create and edit playlists.
You can also do the same - create a playlist - in most media players including RealPlayer and VLC media player. Good Luck!
Paul SauvéRetiredCommented:
and here's another vote for VLC media player


I want to play same order in the android phone also.
You should be able to export the playlist from WMP to your android phone if is is connected to your PC...
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Renaming each file by adding 1 or 2 or 3
or A/B/C at the beginning should solve that,
 as any operating system> media player will list the files according to name regardless the video format or audio, the video must be supported to play.
To test it for you I took 12 audio tracks and 2 video and renamed them so they list in sequence and then dragged them onto WMP and it listed them in that same order as the name hierachy so from here you should be able to make a playlist for your Android.
mixed files on WMP
Any progress gudii9 it's nearly 2015
gudii9Author Commented:
i love the idea of  A B C or 1 2 3 etc at beginning. let me try and get back in 2015.it is still 12 minutes away for me.
Which country are you gudii9
We've already been there last night here in Australia lol
Welcome to 2015

Just one thing to add to Merete's suffestion of adding a numeric prefix to the file names.  I suggest using at 01. 02, 03, etc (or 001, 002, etc if you have more than 99 files).  If you use 1, 2, 3 as the prefix, some versions of Windows sort the files in alphabetic order (lexicographic sorting) where you end up with the 10s and 20s being placed where you wouldn't expect them to be (eg. 1, 10, 2, 3, etc) if sorted numerically.   If you use
01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10, 11
001, 002, 003, 004, 005, 006, 007, 008, 009, 010, 011
and so on as your file name prefix, they will always sort alphabetically as you want.

There are loads of different types of playlists that different media players use.  The most basic is the *.M3U file which is nothing more than the full path to each *.MP3 file, each on a separate line.  Some players require the paths to be double-quoted, while others don't work if they are double-quoted.  Some CD burning software will add an M3U file automatically to an "MP3 CD" when you choose this type of project just in case the CD Player is not able to read and sort the filenames of the MP3s on the CD, or where you might want to change the playback order for MP3 files that perhaps just have random kinds of names.

If you create a playlist using Windows Media Player, then it should work in most or all versions of Windows Media Player, but possibly won't work in other 3rd-party media players.
gudii9Author Commented:
hi sorry i am not able to test as lot of vacation and lot of other tasks after vacation..i will test and close this soon. I am in usa
gudii9Author Commented:
i do not see hour glass or recoding. I am not able to figure out how to drag next video also.

I tried to rename video files 3 of them as below


when i selected all those 3 vidoes and said add to windows media player play list they are not playing in the same order as


Does above technique works only for audio files but not for video files. lease advise
gudii9Author Commented:
To test it for you I took 12 audio tracks and 2 video and renamed them so they list in sequence and then dragged them onto WMP and it listed them in that same order as the name hierachy so from here you should be able to make a playlist for your Android.

can you please provide step by step on above.
Instead of dragging how to create play lists that way i can control on exactly which file to select out of many files.

How to copy into android samsung phone to play in same order(or otherwords how to copy same play list to phone ?). please advise
gudii9, you wont see an hour glass or recoding in windows media player that only applied to when you drag and drop the two video files onto windows movie maker and it loads the audio part so lets forget that in this thread as we are using windows media player.
Regardless how you do this the main key is the naming order of your files, name them in order of what you want, if you want a specific track at a specific order name it 05 or 01 etc. whether it is video or audio.
What I did for my test was to create a new folder on my desktop exclusive/ to separate the files I wanted to add to windows media player.
As I said I copied 12 audio tracks and two video to this folder.
See in the folder the video has an icon for my media player classic-be the audio has an icon for winamp.
I use winamp for audio and MPC-be for video.
The first video is numbered 02 the last video is numbered 13 and that's the position how they appear in list in windows media player.
The folder is the on the left with my files and windows media player now playing is the right http:#a40519079

This was to show you the tracks in the folder were in a specific order and they appeared the same order in Windows media player.
The audio tracks do not have a number next to them as they are audio but the video do in windows media player.

What I did, after I renamed them 01,02,03 etc I then highlighted them all and dragged over to windows media player >>
drag items here windows media player
drag items here windows media playerThen click in the box and give it a name
then you save it , that is a new playlist numbered in order.
to transfer this playlist to your phone>connect your phone to your PC - as you have windows media player open with these files in the playlist now click on SYNC
please study this screenshot
it shows you how to make a playlist and to sync the files to your phone which is connected and should be shown as connected device.
mixed playlistOpen Tools>Options
devices in wmp
My LG phone doesn't have internet and I use a software called Join Me included with the phone,, I connect my LG phone and open Join Me on my desktop> click connect and then I can access the categories on the LG phone .
I also use the USB mass storage device but I remove the sim card.
Alternatively you could remove the sim card or the storage card from your phone if you have a universal USB card reader connected to your pc and put the sim card in that, that opens a mass storage device a folder where you add music / video files.
Universal card readers come in USB external plug in and internal installed inside the tower on your PC
Internal universal card reader example,  includes images of external USB as well

This video tutorial will show you how to transfer music from your Windows to your Android phone ( without windows media player)
Name your files numbered and they will be placed in that order
gudii9Author Commented:
interesting. I wil try and let you. How you draw arrows and circles on the screenshots. Just wondering. I do not know that skill. just do in ms paint?
Would you like the short version or the details versions ( grins)
I use the snipping tool first gudii9  draw some lines around the area to focus using the snipping tool pen then I open Paint Shop Pro image editor rightclick paste as new image> paste it straight into my paintshop pro when I want add text,  or enlarge an area
like this
pasted into Paintshop pro I close the original snip and then open it again then I snip  again with the snipping tool any images relevant sitting on my paintshop pro so I get two images or more in one shot.
Sometimes I have to use the prtScn key on my keyboard as the popup will close when using the snip tool and paste that into my PSP then use the snipping to on regeon
And yes you can do the same snip it mark it with the pen then paste it straight into MS paint or a word. or even an email
If you want to just save it click on the floppy disc
Open your start orb all programs accessories>snipping tool
Snipping toolrightclick it and pin to taskbar
pinned to taskbar
When you click on the snipping tool a small box appears on the right  click on the arrow and choose rectangular snip then the screens goes greyish white u drag the curser around the re you want this will go clear so you see where your snip is.
rectangular snip optionsnipping tool screen goes greySave from snipping tool
save from snipping toolcheers
gudii9Author Commented:
as attached even though i rename the mp4 files as

actual names of the videos while playing wont changed like
AO_oves The World
each 3:14 , 9:22, 15:53 length of videos.

does windows media played playes always with orignal names ?
or it plays with length of video in ascending order?
please advise
Hi gudii9
the letters AO do not define a specific order
They just have AO so WMP just adds them by the next key which would be the first letter following AO, so "a "then "O" then "P"
If you want to keep the AO part please a number infront.
like  01_AO_programme      02_AO_ary     03_AO_oves The World
Putting a number infront will sort them.
Lets take 5 mp4 video and 5 audio together that will become 10 so you'll two digits
to have them play in a specific order the name hierarchy is very important.
When you use digits 123 that will sort every regardless if it is video or audio, but when you name the audio ABC and the video 123 then windows sorts them differently.
In order to have the video and the audio listed in the same playlist keep the naming convention to one specific type. for example lets just name them digits and when dropped into windows media player it will sort them accodingly
naming video and audio
gudii9Author Commented:

i did same way as above i think.

Not sure how it is working for you and not for me.

I eill try again
no need to add the digit at the end
001_test<< test being the name of the audio/video file?
gudii9 just a thought, does your windows media player support mp4?
Please play an mp4 in WMP to confirm, my line of thinking is if WMP doesn't support the mp4,
 anywhere you add an mp4 it will skip it as it cant play it?
Please have a look at my picture do you see any audio in the list does not have a number next to it only the position.
seems windows media player doesn't keep a digit with audio since it is designed for audio mainly, only the position based on the number, vdieo will keep the digit.
gudii9Author Commented:
>>gudii9 just a thought, does your windows media player support mp4?

yes it is suporting. It is playing but in some random order

>>001_test<< test being the name of the audio/video file?

I have all video files needs to be played in order . I do not need any requirement with audio files now

>>seems windows media player doesn't keep a digit with audio since it is designed for audio mainly, only the >>position based on the number, vdieo will keep the digit.

can you please elaborate. I am not clear on this
Please refer to the above screenshot, see the files in the folder?
two video the rest audio, I renamed them all.
I noticed when added to WMP only the video had digits in front not the audio.

But since you have only video>> I have all video files needs to be played in order
they should all have a digit in front.
Thanks for clarifying that.
gudii9Author Commented:
>>>they should all have a digit in front.
Like below?.(which i already have)

Please advise

>>I noticed when added to WMP only the video had digits in front not the audio.

what you mean by this. I am not able to get this point clearly. please advise
gudii9Author Commented:
actually some of these videos are screen recorded ones. So even though i rename internaly they have different names. Do you think that could be the reason why this is not worki ng for me. please advise
I'm sorry I don't understand your question.
"actually some of these videos are screen recorded ones." <doesn't matter.
"So even though i rename internaly they have different names."<?
"Do you think that could be the reason why this is not worki ng for me." < what is not working?
The order the video are listed in Windows Media player as per the name
You have a list of video adding the digits infront like
001_name of video.mp4
002_name of video.mp4
like this,
added digitsthen dragged them onto windows media player playlist like this
drag overas you see they are listed in order of name according to the digits
 then just save this as a playlist?
listed in order
gudii9Author Commented:
let me try. I really wonder why it is not working for me earlier. Will try.
Yes I wonder too.
Lets see how you go and if you get stuck let me know what you are doing.
regards Merete
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