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synology to synology sync questions

Hi, I'm using this article to answer my questions about Rsync but I'm immediately thrown off as the first radio button selection does not select Rsync.  
Don't I want to select Rsync radio button if I want my synology down in SoCal to sync data once a day to for use up in NorCal?  How smart is Rsync?  Can it see what files are written over from where and do bi-directional syncing?  
Can my user accounts and groups sync from Synology device to Synology device somewhat like a simpler version of an AD domain environment?
I noticed DS Photo drops my iPhone photos into \\diskstation\photo.   I'm not sure if I feel comfortable with my photos location on the root of the "photo" folder.   What happens when another user signs in and uses the DS Photo?  Does it dump in the same folder location?
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