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Dear Experts,

I attached two designs of two Data centers, both have raised floor, I need to specify the best location to fix the tem.,humidity,water leakage and smoke detector sensors plus the camera pods.

Thanks in Advance,
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Normally you have UPS per rack. That adds value as electricity splitter.
Will the unit blamed AC in your drawing be pulling air on top and blowing on the ground to help abuse natural circilation?
Normally servers blow hot air in the back FYI. I dont see that instrumented at all.
oamal2001Author Commented:
The UPS is centrally installed together with a generator, the air flow will be from down, the front of the racks will be faced to the AC unit.

wrong air flow costs you 1kW per rack 24x7
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oamal2001Author Commented:
what about the sensors I mentioned, where are the best locations?

oamal2001Author Commented:
Do you have a better design that could be done with the same UPS and AC?

Each server has sensor or fifty, You will have tons of time to record them.

What I can suggest that you arrange air flows right. i.e cold air is blown in the face of servers from bellow and droppings are collected behind on top and front and back is isolated with slaughterhouse curitains.
Kerem ERSOYPresidentCommented:

First of all it is preferable to have FM200 units out of the rooms. This is because if a fire occurs it might destroy the sensors or lines or worst cause the the tanks to explode. You also need to have control units and operating panels outside the room and make sure that doors are equipped with emergency panic bars. This is because FM200 gas removes the oxygen from the environment to extinguish any fire rapidly which is dangerous for humans. Should FM200 is activated it is preferable for people to control/override the operation from outside.

Then we come to other sensors.

General rule of thumb for cameras:
You generally use cameras to determine  who has accessed some rack/server and/or who entered the room. So that you could detect any unauthorized access to them. Cams should be placed on points where:
- You can record any person who enters/exits the room.
- Back/front of each rack so that you would know who had accessed to a particular/rack server at a specific time.

Humidity Sensors:
- If there's a water leakage it would most probably comes from the floor because you use FM-200 gas to extinguish any fire and your nozzles would not have any liquid. So the best place would be under the raised floor over the surface of the room.  They should be placed especially under the AC assuming that you're using precision A/C which utilizes water, and Racks in case there's a problem with water.

Smoke detectors would be placed over the ceiling close to Racks and the A/C.

But you dont want to film passwords or screens.
madunix IT Specialist Commented:
Data Center

Under floor of data centre you may have electrical and power cable...that is the reason you should place water detectors under raised floor also....humidity control is required for servers which are placed above raised floor; as stated in the above link "Maintaining equipment at the optimum climate range aids in protecting hardware from corrosion problems associated with high humidity levels and failures caused by static discharge when humidity is too low."

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