Adapt website for different devices / resolutions

I've been developing a site in "Visual Studio 2013 Express for the Web" and was wondering what kind of support is out there for .NET apps written for websites ... as far as properly rendering them on tablets or smart phones as well.

One thought is to capture the browser window width and height as the user resizes the browser and changing the way the website content renders as the screen gets smaller (or the reverse).

Just looking for best practices / technologies to facilitate this.
Tom KnowltonWeb developerAsked:
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Your best bet is Bootstrap and there is even a VS plugin for it

But if you don't want the plugin the it's only a simple case of including the css file and using the declarations within your template

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Tom KnowltonWeb developerAuthor Commented:
thx I'll check it out!
Tom KnowltonWeb developerAuthor Commented:

I finally implemented bootstrap and it was amazing.  It really does work ...  lol ....  (like it wouldn't work?)  : )

Anyway - thanks again!
Glad it worked out for you ;o)
Tom KnowltonWeb developerAuthor Commented:
:  )  yep!
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