Blackberry Enterprise Server 10: Attachment too large by policy

I have:
- Exchange Server 2010 SP3
- Blackberry Enterprise Server 10.2.4
- Devices Blackberry Q10 and iPad - both use ActiveSync.

I cannot open any attachment larger than 10 MB on the Q10 - error message "Attachment too large by policy".
I can open these attachments on the iPad.

On the Exchange server in the ActiveSync policy, max. attachment size was not set - I have set it to 51200 KB, but this did not help.

On the BES10, I could not find any setting for attachment download size limit.
However I remember that on the old BES5, the maximum value for attachment download size was 10 MB.

Does anyone know if 10 MB is a fixed limit in BES10, too - or if and where this can be changed?
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epolliConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I've been able to increase the attachment download limit by changing the following settings on the Client Access Server (not sure if all 3 settings are  necessary, however):

In C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V14\ClientAccess\Sync\web.config
MaxDocumentDataSize: changed from 10240000 to 52428800 (i.e. 50 MB)
maxRequestLength: increased from 10240 to 51200 (i.e. 50 MB)

maxAllowedContentLength: changed from 30000000 to 52428800 (i.e. 50 MB)
(Via IIS Manager, as described here:
epolliAuthor Commented:
Hello tshearon, which restriction do you mean exactly?

I've done another test:
I've sent a 8 MB JPG attachment and a 12 MB JPG attachment to myself.
When I set max. attachment size in the Exchange ActiveSync policy to 5120 KB, then I get the error message both for the 8 MB and for the 12 MB file.
When I set max. attachment size to 51200 KB, then I can open the 8 MB file - but I still get the error message for the 12 MB file. So there must be a limit of 10 MB *somewhere".
epolliAuthor Commented:
I've been able to solve the issue myself.
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