Exchange 2007 IP Blacklist Providers issues

I have Exchange 2007 running in our organization and finally decided to setup IP blacklist providers.  We use Sophos email filtering now and it sometimes helps and sometimes doesn't. I setup and tested it but any provider I use and I enter the IP address in it comes back false.

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technicholasConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
the dns issue was it. i changed it to internal dns. problem solved.
Andy MInternal Systems ManagerCommented:
You could try disabling and re-enabling the blocklist providers in the management console or restart the exchange transport service, I've found these actions have resolved similar issues in the past.
technicholasAuthor Commented:
No luck. Still says false. it acts like it times out.
Andy MConnect With a Mentor Internal Systems ManagerCommented:
May be worth checking dns - run some nslookup tests on the exchange server to ensure it can see spamcop. Also may be worth testing with other block lists such as spamhaus or sorbs to see if the problem is limited to spamcop itself.
technicholasAuthor Commented:
found problem
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