contacts appear as gibberish in outlook 2010

Using Outlook 2010.  Windows 7 Enterprise.
Noticed that the regular Outlook contacts, are pointing to a personal folder in a network drive.  Not sure how that was modified.  But, the main issue is that the contacts look like gibberish.

Any suggestions would appreciate.
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arrorynConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try another machine and / or profile. At least OWA has shown YOU they're not borked ;)

Or quickly add his/her Outlook to your own machine and double check.

Might also be worth clearing contact views, or renaming the Outlook folder in local appdata and recreating from scratch.

Good luck :)
What remedial work has been done on this so far, if any? What service pack level is Office and the OS? Is the email exchange-based? Have you tried recreating the MAPI profile? Does the issue follow to a new machine?
losgadasAuthor Commented:
1.  Recreated user's profile.  2.  Removed/reinstalled Office 2010.  3.  Checked his contacts in OWA.  They looked ok there.
Office 2010 SP1.  Exchanged Based.  Have not yet tested using a new machine.  But, judging from the fact that the contacts looked ok in OWA, concluded it is not his mailbox.
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losgadasAuthor Commented:
Considering recreating his WIndows OS User's profile.
losgadasAuthor Commented:
How do you rename the Outlook folder in local appdata and recreate from scratch? did not see a contacts folder there.
losgadasAuthor Commented:
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