an issue with <cfchart value


I am getting an error that says this:

Attribute validation error for CFCHARTDATA. The value of the VALUE attribute is invalid. The value cannot be converted to a numeric because it is not a simple value.Simple values are booleans, numbers, strings, and date-time values. 
The error occurred on line 201.

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         chartheight="800" chartwidth="950" >
	             serieslabel="Applications Type"
                 <CFIF isDefined("GetAppType") and #GetAppType.RecordCount# gt 0>
                <cfloop query="GetAppType">
                       <cfchartdata item="#GetAppType.ApplicationType#" 


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The problem is with my  value="#GetAppType.Percentage#">        
the output of this


output is


If I take the percent sign out, then it will work but I want the percent sign in the value.

Thank you for your help
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You can wrap val() around the value to use only  the numeric part of it.

As far as showing the % on the chart, you need to choose a chart style that is expecting a percent (that is, the percent is part of the chart format, not part of the value passed).

<cfchartdata item="#GetAppType.ApplicationType#"

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lulu50Author Commented:

I'm not getting the error anymore after adding the val() but for some reason I cannot see the % sign

can I do something like this

#val(GetAppType.Percentage)# + '%'">
No unfortunately, that won't work.   The item tag is expecting a number.  

To get the percent sign to appear it is part of one of the parameters or the style.

I'm so sorry,  the family is waiting for me in the car, we are heading out of state for a couple days.  Sorry to leave you hanging, I don't recall which parameter it is, but it is some type of format or style that you have to apply, it is not in the number.  
Sorry !
lulu50Author Commented:
have fun!!!

I'll wait for you because most likely I wont know how to fix it.
lulu50Author Commented:
Thank you
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