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is there a way to automate the uninstall of office 2010 but leave MS Access 2010 installed?


we need to remove the office 2010 suite from 100+ machines but leave MS Access 2010 installed.
I have pushed out the offscrub10.vbs and it works perfect for removing the entire office 2010 suite, does anyone know of a way to have it leave access 2010 or another way to approach this?

script is here:

many thanks!

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thanks but where does that link show me how to uninstall all office 2010 apps but leave ms access?
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Coralon, to clarify our objective here is not to install Access, but to uninstall the office 2010 suite on 100+ systems but leave access 2010 installed.

thx in advance.
hello does anyone have another suggestion or should I close out this question?

thx - S.
You used to be able to create maintenance files (.cmw) with Office 2003 to remove components.   I don't know if they still exist in 2010.

What I was suggesting would basically be if you can't find a way to uninstall everything except access, then uninstall everything and reinstall wth just access :-\  

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At first I was thinking you might me able to do this by using Office 2010 customization tool for the uninstall leaving Access but wondering if you could do this by referencing setup.exe and corresponding XML and listed in the following link...

Still loooking into this...
Ok I might have something...

in the setup.xml file get the product ID of Word, Outlook etc...

Then create on config.xml of multiple XML file to remove all office products except Access
I hadn't seen that, but here is your 2010 version.

With that, you can get your product IDs by running the application and then looking under File | Help, and it will be on the right side of the screen.

Hi Coralon, great feedback..

I noticed when you go to File -> help is does list the product ID but not for each product. For example on my workstation the product ID's for Word and Outlook are the same. It seems the product ID listed is for the overall version of Office...
Have you tried different versions of the Displaylink driver?
Then you will need to go into the registry under HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall and start searching the registry keys.  Each of the GUID keys there contains the information about a software module on the system.   In general they also contain the uninstall strings which will include the product's GUID.

hi Coralon, sorry meant to get back to you earlier on this. I ended up taking your advice and going this route, excellent solution. thank you