Yahoo IMAP sync problem with Outlook 2013


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Now for the question :

I have a Yahoo paid account since quite a few years. However, now that there are a couple of tens of thousands of emails there, I wish to sync with Outlook 2013 using IMAP.

I tried, but the IMAP does not download all the emails. While my daughter has a Mac with Outlook 2011 it syncs all her emails nicely.

Is there a limitation of something ? Because it only shows me a couple of hundred emails even when I kept the outlook open overnight ? It does sync all the folders, but it just doesnt go beyond a couple of hundred emails in download.

I tried it on two different machines, but with the same results.

I am using Windows 7 Professional with Outlook 2013.

Thanks so much

Manish Naik
Manish NaikAsked:
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pgm554Connect With a Mentor Commented:
OL2k13 is not the greatest IMAP client out there.
It is flaky to say the least.
OL2k11 is not OL2k13,it's closer to OL2k10.

Sometimes it gets stuck on a bad email and will hang.

My advice is to set it up on your daughters Apple to see if it downloads and syncs.

Make sure your Yahoo trash does not contain a ton of deleted emails,I've seen that hang a sync.

You could create a new OL2k13 profile on another machine with no OL2k13 patches applied and see if it syncs.

M$ patches suck,especially for OL2k13.

I back revved ALL of my IMAP customers back to OL2K10.

No more IMAP issues.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
I am pretty sure you need Yahoo! Premium for this (paid Yahoo! email). Do you have the Premium Service?
I agree with Mr. John.. but then too you try following link please
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Manish NaikAuthor Commented:
Greetings John and Bhavesh,


Ok... Here goes :

1. I did say "Yahoo Paid Service"  in my text.  Now, I am confused if "Yahoo Premium" is the same as "Yahoo Mail Plus" Service (Please refer to the attached Screenshot ) which is a paid service which I am subscribed to since 2008. In case "Yahoo Premium" is different then I will buy it, because my mails are just too many and too important to let them be at the server anymore.  I have this ID since about 1998 or something.

2. However, my daughter's account is a regular free yahoo account and not even paid account, yet it works on her Office 2011 for Mac on her Macbook Air.  If a premium account is required, then how does her free account sync with her Macbook air ?

3. We anyway, use IMAP on all our Phones.  My iPhone 4 and 6 use the same email account in IMAP mode, why should it differentiate between an Iphone and an Outlook, when both are IMAP Clients ? I haven't tried Eudora or any other email client, yet.  But in case you feel I should, let me know and I will try it.

4. There is another paid option, which is a 29 USD tool which I can buy. The tool creates a PST from the online Yahoo, but what I want is a live system connected and working all the time, instead of a simple backup.  In case of a simple backup, I could just Outlook as a POP3 client and download all emails once and for all, but that's not what I want.

Hope this helps

Thanks so much

Manish Naik

Screenshot of Yahoo Mail Plus Service
Manish NaikAuthor Commented:

Thanks so much for the response.

I cant setup on my daughter's laptop as she's studying and in college staying at the campus. I know it worked because I had set it up for her when she had come down from Christmas.  She's back so I cant do that.

I do not have deleted emails, so that should be fine. However, if Outlook 2013 itself is a problem, then I think, I cant do anything at all :(  I cannot even install an Outlook 2010 because I am an online subscriber of MS Office Home, so all the PCs have an auto download and auto install of all Microsoft Office products including their patches.  However, let me try this idea of trying to work on the Outlook 2010 by getting hold of an old trialware from somewhere and installing a local VM in my PC.

Just so that it may help you get some more help in understanding, the problem with the Outlook/Yahoo is, it get stuck at anyplace, its totally random.  Once when I configure it, it would download 1200 emails and then get stuck, another trial and it would download only 500 emails and then a third would be 1900 emails, so its random.  Which is what is wierd. Would it be getting stuck at a particular number, it would still help make sense, but in this case, it just doest make sense :(

Anyway, will try the Outlook 2010 idea but I will have to find an old trialware of Outlook, or possibly find a friend who would have 2010 and try and set it up on his machine/laptop.



Manish Naik
Manish NaikAuthor Commented:
Greetings pgm554,

Based on your recommendation, I tried this :

As I couldn't get hold of ol2k10, I tried this with Outlook 2007, and voila ! It worked. I can see about 3900 mails are already downloaded and the rest are in progress, I am constantly seeing the counter increase and I feel great.

A last piece of advice please; Can I download all the mails on Outlook 2007 and then import the PST to Outlook 2013 ?  Will it work, or will it try to sync all over again ?

Thanks so much for the help

Warm Regards

Manish Naik
You can try,but IMAP seems to be busted on Yahoo for 13 and I wouldn't trust it.
As I said ,none of my customers use IMAP and 13 now.
If you value your data ,you should heed the warning.
Manish NaikAuthor Commented:

Yup.  I get it.  Outlook 2007 did download all headers, but an IMAP error keeps popping up all the time.  Also I couldn't download all the emails due to this error.  

I agree. IMAP seems to be busted on Yahoo not just on 13 but for all clients  :(

With that, I close this question.

Thanks so much.  

Warm Regards

Manish Naik
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