Citrix SHA2 Certificate error on Mac Receiver - You have not chosen to trust "RapidSSL SHA256 CA-G3" Error

After a recent renewal of our Citrix FQDN Certificate all users connecting via Mac are receiving the following error when launching an application.

You have not chosen to trust "RapidSSL SHA256 CA-G3" Error the issuer of the servers security certificate.

We have over a 100 in the field so updating the clients individually is a last resort.

We have tested the latest receiver with no luck.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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btanExec ConsultantCommented:
First sha2 is supported with Release 10.5 Build 53.9 or higher, but only with TLS v1.2.

Next this is quite similar to the error 61 (which i believe it is) the root certificate of the CA that issued the SSL certificate is not in the client browser's Trusted Root Certification Authority store. In your case it is RapidSSL CA and need to also install those onto the Citrix Server.

Also the client also need to trust any Intermediate certificate for RapidSSL (even if they now trust the root). Hence it may cause the webserver (front end server) not providing details of the Intermediate certificate for the client to establish this cert chain check. So we need to ensure the RapidSSL Intermediate CA certificates are installed

in fact, instead of going to each client, righfully, the Citrix/Web Interface/whatever server front end that your client connects through should install the Intermediates cert on the server. So that no matter what the client is, the server will provide the missing component in the certificate chain (i.e the Intermediate certificate) and thereafter the client will trust it.

... if really did not work out as expected, instead to go into every client machines, probably go into gpo push down to client is more preferred and optimal for domain joined machine
Radhakrishnan RSenior Technical LeadCommented:

I would suggest to check the certificate and see it is valid (just give the external access of you citrix access). I am sure that this will give some clue where the issue actually lying.
michael334Author Commented:
The only way we have been able to resolve the issue is to provide the root certificate for Rapid SSL for the individual MAC users as it is not provided in the keychain and there appears to be no way to automate the download from the citrix client or Web Interface,
Even with Yosemite the root certificates for Go Daddy and Rapid SSL are not included and have to be added manually.

I hate technology....
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