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Excel 2010 is locked for editing

If you open up excel and then click on any other excel document in a folder  get the follow error: xxxxx.xls is locked for editing . see attached

Here is the fun part if you click file open and open that same file it opens fine. Is there a bug with excel 2010 or is there a way to get around this with having to click file open?
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They are multiple causes for the problem, and thus multiple solutions.

Try to use task manager and kill all excel processes.  Sometimes excel will keep running on the background, and that brings some issues like that.

Try re-openning them after.
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That's not the issue I am having. if I click notify it lets me into the document.
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well if an excel file was not ended totally, this error msg can show, and when that error show, you are correct, by clicking on notify, it will open the file.
Upgraded to office 2013