Display Related List Items on Display Form (SharePoint 2010)

I have a fairly straightforward requirement that I need assistance with.

I have List A and List B. When viewing the Display Form of List A I want to view items of List B when 2 fields match. I know I can add a data view web part of List B, but I'm not sure how to filter it so it only displays the list items of the matched fields.

Note that these lists are not tied by a relationship.

Thanks for any assistance you can give.

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Ammar GaffarConnect With a Mentor Software EngineerCommented:
It is the same Master-Details concepts in databases but using different means,  check the bellow link, it describe simple Master-Detail for countries and cities.


Good Luck
Jayaraja JayaramanSharepoint Architect ConsultantCommented:
you can use $().SPServices.SPDisplayRelatedInfo , documentation and help here http://spservices.codeplex.com/wikipage?title=%24%28%29.SPServices.SPDisplayRelatedInfo
Sp services with related info is what you are looking for if am not wrong. try it out
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