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no response when I plug in iphone to the PC

  I have a windows 7 computer with iTune V11.4.0.18. All of a sudden, when the user plugs in her iPhone to the PC, no response from anything - no popup message, no sign of iphone on My Computer, not even in iTune.
 I had the user connect the same iphone 4s to another Win7 PC and iTune immediately recognized the iPhone.
 Also I had he user connect the different USB port on this computer, but to no avail.
 What should be next course of action other than simply installing newest version iTune V12?
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Hi sglee

Without knowing what you already tested, you may want to look at this link.

iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch not recognized in iTunes for Windows

If after that, it does not help, we can take it from there.
Do you see the Iphone  in Settings > Control Panel > System > Hardware?

Have you tried the below:

1- Open C:Windows and search for USBAAPL.SYS file.

2- Right click the file and choose  Open File Location, then copy all the files to a new file folder.

3- OpenDevice Manager, look for Apple iPhone from under Portable devices, and right click to choose Update Driver Software.
sgleeAuthor Commented:
I just installed newest iTune from apple.com and restarted the PC while iPhone is plugged.
But iPhone is still not recognized.

I found three files occurances of USBAAPL.SYS:
(1) C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\usbaapl.inf_x86_xxx
(2) C:\Windows\System32\drivers
(3) C:\Programs Files\Common Files\Apply\Mobile Device Support\Drivers
They all have the same date 7/28/2014 2:52PM 44.0KB

I don't follow your instructions: "then copy all the files to a new file folder. ".
Do you want me to remove these three files into a temp folder and restart the computer so that they can be recreated?

Also when I open Device Manager, I don't see "Portable Devices" or iPhone.

But I see three "Unknown Device" entries with yellow mark under "Universal Serial Bus controllers" section.
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sgleeAuthor Commented:
also I followed your link in your first post and discovered that I don't see "Apple Mobile Device USB driver".
Instead I see three entries of "Unknown Device".
Then please look at this procedure below:

Restart the Apple Mobile Device Service (AMDS)

If this does not work, you may have to update Itune after.
sgleeAuthor Commented:
I should be able to stop and start the service when the user is in front of the computer in about an hour.
Can you please also verify that Apple Mobile Device Support is visible in the list of currently installed programs
you will see this in Uninstall a program
you also said that you see a yellow exclamation mark in Device Manager .

1.Right-click the Apple Mobile Device entry in Device Manager.
2.Choose Uninstall from the shortcut menu.
3.In the resulting dialog box, click OK.
4.In the Device Manager window, right-click "Universal Serial Bus controllers" and choose "Scan for hardware changes" from the shortcut menu.

Windows automatically reinstalls the necessary drivers and attempts to remount the device.

If the Apple Mobile Device USB Driver entry still has an exclamation mark or question mark over it, manually update the Apple Mobile Device driver:
1.Right-click the Apple Mobile Device entry in Device Manager.
2.Choose Update Driver from the shortcut menu.
3.If asked to connect to Windows Update to search for software, choose "No, not this time."
4.Select "Install from a list or specific location (Advanced)."
5.Click Next.
6.Select "Don't search. I will choose the driver to install".
7.Click Next.
8.Click the Have Disk button. If the Have Disk option is not available, choose a device category such as Mobile Phone or Storage Device (if listed). Then click next. The Have Disk button should appear.
9.Click the Browse button, then navigate to C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\Drivers.
10.Double-click the usbaapl file.
11.Click OK in the Have Disk window.
12.Click Next.
13.Click Finish. Windows installs the driver.

During installation, if a message appears stating that the software you are installing "has not passed Windows Logo testing," click Continue Anyway to continue installing the drivers.
sgleeAuthor Commented:
I don't see Apple Mobile Device in Device Manger although I see it in Add/Remove Program.

did you had the chance to Restart the Apple Mobile Device Service (AMDS)
sgleeAuthor Commented:
Yes I tried to stop and start the apple mobile service in Services.msc, but to no avail.
Did you try disabling your antivirus, anti-adware, anti-spyware, before reinstalling iTunes?

i m also concerned that you dont see anything in your device manager.

not even a yellow exclamation mark ?
sgleeAuthor Commented:
No I did not disable anti-virus when installing iTune from apple.com
Per my previous posting id# 40529638, there are 3 "unknown devices" and I am not sure whether these are from "incomplete installation of Windows 7 (as this is old HP dc5750 model where Win7 drivers are not on HP.com) or related to AppleMobile Device that has gone bad. When I look at the Manufacturer's id on these unknown, it says "UNKNOWN USB".

Question. If I uninstall iTune from the computer completely, remove the iTune from the Program Files, restart the computer, and re-install iTune after disabling Anti-virus, will existing music files in C:\user\xxx remain intact?
can do you a backup of your music before you uninstall iTune from the computer completely?

Just to make sure you dont loose it.

Where your backups are stored
•Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8: \Users\(username)\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup\

Here is how you can do the backup and Restore your iTunes Library backup
Back up your iTunes library by copying it to an external drive
sgleeAuthor Commented:
Is there apple-created iTune uninstall tool that I can download and run to completely uninstall the software? If not, I will do it from Add/Remove program.

Fyi I setup iTune on another PC successfully by copying the Music folder of this user from the problem PC to another PC.

Now I can pretty much free to try whatever until I fix the problem.

I think once I can make "Apple Mobile Device" show up under "USB" section in Device Manager, we will be in business.
I don't know of any Itune uninstaller.

But when you will uninstall it from add / remove program, make sure iTunes, QuickTime Player and Apple Software Update are not running.

In the following order, remove these programs using the Add or Remove Programs utility. Failure to remove these items in the order that they are listed could have "unintended consequences," according to Apple. Removing these related components is essential to fully uninstalling iTunes.

    2-Apple Software Update
    3-Apple Mobile Device Support
    5-Apple Application Support (iTunes 9 or later)

Then, restart your computer.

Once re-booted, make sure iTunes and the related components are fully uninstalled.

Make sure to delete each of the following folders individually:

Right-click these folders if you find them in the Program Files folder, then select Delete.  If you don't find these files, it means they have already been successfully removed.

Open the Common Files folder and delete the Apple folder in the same manner. Click the Start menu and open My Computer. Open the Windows folder, then open the System32 folder.

Delete the QuickTime and QuickTimeVR files if you see them.

Once completed, empty Recycle Bin.

This will uninstall it completely.
sgleeAuthor Commented:
Ok. I will try it tomorrow and post the result.
sgleeAuthor Commented:
Status Update:
First, sorry about the long delay.
This computer eventually broke down. Whatever plugged in USB ports (all 6 ports) whether they are Keyboard, Mouse, iPhone, External USB drive ... was not recognized by the computer.
I ended up replacing the computer.
Boy I wasted a lot of my time and your valuable time. But sometimes this sort of things do happen to all of us.

Thanks for your help.
Hi sglee

I'm sad that your PC broke down.  But i'm also happy the your problem is not resolved. :-)
sgleeAuthor Commented:
 How should I award points? Is it ok if I just give same points to all exports who contributed?
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