What is difference between scan listener ,local listener and remote listener

in rac  major difference
jeevan mathewdbaAsked:
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ThommyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
SCAN listener (same as  remote listener) is new in Oracle 11g RAC. It is a cluster-wide listener that enables automatic load balancing by connecting to the local listener of the least loaded node.

Before 11g each client had to know all the node listeners of a RAC cluster to define client-side load balancing...

Also have a look at below links for further information about this topic...
difference between Scan Listener and Node listener
Oracle SCAN for RAC tips
1) SCAN listener can talk to only RAC database instances
2) local listeners can talk to both RAC and ASM instances
3) SCAN and remote listeners are same, the do the same work

as the name says, the local listener is only local to the node, but the SCAN listeners are global, that can talk to all the nodes local listeners.
jeevan mathewdbaAuthor Commented:
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