No headphone socket on newly-bought TV? But need it because of hearing difficulty. Any way round this

It is a LG 55 series  TV.  It does not have an input socket for headphones. (I'm told a lot dont nowadays).    But I need to be able to use headphones because of hearing problem. I enclose a screenshot of the TV socket area which will give you a good idea of what is available.
Michael MurphyAsked:
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Thankyou Michael with a degree of reluctance to believe there is not even the 3.5 mm headphones jack, it is very small hole black,  
I have three digital TV here and all of them have the 3.5 mm headphones jack for the newer ear buds headphones.
And without having seen your exact TV model manual then the next phase forward is the optical out only and is very simple to fix with the right adapters, lets see if we can keep your previous old method by simply converting the digital optical to analog rca ?
From what you say here> It was a  simple matter of  putting one end of a standard male jack-plug cable into the TV's standard earphones socket,<< do you mean a 6.35 mm headphones jack? that was on a cable?
I can't picture that.
Could you provide the name and brand of this wireless box so I can see it.
6.35mm stereo jackOk going on what I believe so starting from the TV you add an optical adapter "  Digital to Analogue Converter Kit" then plug the rca into that and connect your wireless?
 RCA cablesDigital to Analogue Converter Kit
 Digital to Analogue Converter Kitextract:
If a TV does not have an available Analogue Audio Output socket it may be difficult to access the correct audio to the corresponding program you see on the screen.
This product will provide a suitable Stereo Analogue Audio-Output socket for connection to an external Audio System, Cordless Headphone or Assistive Listening Device.
The output is provided via 2 x phono/RCA connectors (a RCA/phono connection cable is not included).
Your thoughts?  Can you picture if this works

There is also
Belkin Digital Optical Audio Cable with 3.5mm Adapter (2m)

There is also my suggestion above with USB DAC Headphone Amplifier from Amazon and a youtube video provided how to
yes you can get a dual audio cable which has a single jack at the end of it. then buy a pair of skullcandy (or fav brand)  of headphones and plug that jack into it and viola :)

 there very cheap
Joseph DalyCommented:
Hard to tell from the pictures but does the tva have audio RCA outs? If so you could probably go to radio shack and pick yourself up an RCA to 1/8 inch jack adapter.

Something similar to this
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Michael MurphyAuthor Commented:
Here  as a file attachment is the diagram of the connections panel  in the instruction manual.

The actual panel is the large rectangle at the top (under 'Only LAN PORT models). The other items in the diagram show connections which can be made from the sockets in the rectangle (more or less).
Anyway you may be able to work out an answer to my question from this.
The first answer posted   by me is a correct can use a dual rca output to send the sound to a pair of headphones.. i do it myself
do you have stereo AMP receiver?
Connect TV to that then if your amp should have the right plugs as well.
You can also use a USB DAC Headphone Amplifier from Amazon and plug that into your optical out and then plug your headphones into that 3.5mm headset in ear.
FiiO E17 Alpen Portable Headphone Amplifier USB DAC
Use with inear buds with volume control
To extend the length of the cable
6 meter/ 5 meter  mono cable male to female
video of it here
No headphone jack problem solved for  HDTV, Optical Digital Audio Out Only
Michael MurphyAuthor Commented:
Plusone3055, I am trying out your solution, getting a dual audio cable with single Jack at the end of it.  I am not sure correct output sockets. Can you confirm from the following.

 I have posted  a photo of the Diagram in the Owner's manual. (see my post above which contains it) The diagram  shows five outputs. The bottom one is labeled "R. Audio"  ( I assume the 'R' means 'right'). The next socket  is labeled  "L.Mono" (L means left, I assume). The next socket is labeled "Pr" and the next one "Pb". The top socket is labeled "VIDEO/Y"

I assume I attach the two audio cables to the first two sockets (marked "Audio" and "Mono")  and then insert the jack-plug into a headphones  jack socket. Actually what I have are  Wireless Headphones which worked perfectly on my last TV set (which had a jackplug-output). This has an amplifier and works well. I would be plugging the jack plug from the cable into this.
yes that is correct place the R audio and L mono  audio cables into your tv  and the other end of hte headphone jack and your good to go :)
Give it a try but only the headphones  jack may work
My 2 cents, those rca are only in, you only have Inputs> red and yellow those the left and right audio, the white is the video> the center  and is for DVD player VCR etc from what I can see these are inputs not outputs. ie you  connect play a DVD to this TV ie Cable Box ie VCR
as you see in your diagram one is audio one is video these are for the components when added using the video + audio L&R rca cable

components In onlyFrom what I read you cant do this there is no out going audio sockets
There is only headphones line out or the digital / optical audio out

These are the new smart TV Michael Murphy
What I did for my  90 year dad was run a single mono line out from his headphones jack on the TV to the audio line in on an amp so he could hear it in the speakers, He now turns the amp on full ball but can control volume with the TV volume on the remote control.
 this rca cable with L&R and a male 3.5 mono
The newer in ear buds work good.
Had the same problem with my partners computer we decided to added a digital TV as a monitor and he wanted to add to speakers to the TV, no go, I had to run the cables audio to the PC tower connect the speakers there.
Alternatively you get a better set headphones with a volume control on the head phones.
Which I posted above and how to extend the cable
Regards Merete
Michael MurphyAuthor Commented:
Yes I'm wondering. I'm not 90 but I am 70 as of November last. I tried the RCD cable (two connections in and jackplug out) and inserted Jackplug in wireless headphones unit (as I did with the old TV). No glimpse of sound.  Those sockets, you say, are not output but input.
Does this mean the Optical Digital  Audio out  socket alone  can work for me?  Looks like it.
Well done  your doing well..I am impressed with your computer skills :)
 Optical Digital  Audio out socket and the headphone jack yes
and am sorry to say Michael these are the only two audio out on your TV.
 I really understand how this technology makes no sense and why they took away these things. Technology today is about internet and you have it all on the internet.
Your TV connects to the internet..
I'm still old school and always find a way to get round it so I can have things the way I love them and pass it on here at Experts Exchange.
Too many eggs in one basket for my liking.
Digital optical is more complex as it is designed for the stereo AMP.
To my knowledge there is no optical audio cable available for headphones.
When you look at the headphones jack if you have a headphones are they the older 6.35 mm?
The simplest solution for you in my opinion if using the older style. the thicker 6.35 mm  jack and the TV only has the newer 3.5? hole  then it wont fit..
 you can simply get an adapter that convert your 6.35 mm headphones jack  to 3.5 mm adapter for the TV 3.5 mm headphones jack.
convert 6.3 to 3.5 mmBut now you have problem two the headphones line is usually only a meter long 3 feet? But that's also solvable .
You can add  a 6 meter or 3 meter long 3.5 mm cable with male to female  and extend from this 3.5mm adapter
So you can sit further away in a nice lounge chair
 Please see this cable here as an example
3.5 mm extender cable, you'd plug the female end into  the 3.5 mm male end of that adapter and the other end male into the TV headphones line female.
3.5 extender cable
You can consider buying a newer in ear earbuds with volume control on the cable which I mention back up here http:#a40537196  this only an example as I don't know which country you reside, I'm in Australia :)
Let me  know please what if any headphones you have there.
This is how I set my dads
3.5 mm line out to rca on amp
3.5 mm line out to rca on amp
And there's more you can get BT wireless headphones with a BT wireless 3.5 mm adapter  transmitter you'd pair the headphones with the adapter that is plugged into the TV no cables then.
I'd explain this for you in details if your interested.
This what I bought my husband
Bluetooth 3.5mm A2DP Stereo Audio Adapter Dongle Transmitter for TV Speaker HIFI << this plugs into the TV head phones jack

or this blue tooth transmitter
You'll need to add a BT wireless head phones
Do you have family that could help you?
regards Merete
Michael MurphyAuthor Commented:
My previous TV had a standard earphones output socket. I used wireless headphones with this. It was a  simple matter of  putting one end of a standard male jack-plug  cable into the TV's standard earphones socket, and the other end of the cable  into the jack-plug socket of the little  transmitter box  - the sound was then transmitted to the headphones (which  was able to receive the sound through its own receiver)

This is what I am trying to achieve with my new TV which does not have an earphones socket but does have an Optical Digital Audio out socket. You have given me a number of options for which I am most grateful. Can you advise on the simplest way to do it. I assume I  must use   the Optical Digital Audio socket? I can buy whatever equipment is necessary from Ebay. I will need a cable from the ODA socket which will have a jack-plug male  at the other end. I would insert this in the headphones transmitter (which I have). Or may need to purchase a new headphone transmitter and phones (or headphones which contain both transmitter and receiver)? is that the way forward. No problem. I just want to be sure in my mind.
Could you take a look at the link I posted earlier is this your TV?
The model you gave LG 55 series  TV
according to this if it is the same as your TV should have a 3.5 mm headphones jack line out on the rear connections 
the image I posted from above
Let me know  if you have a 3.5 mm headphones jack at the rear of this TV then lets start from there to progress next,
it should be achievable to use old wireless setup you had just convert it 3.5 mm
But I'll wait till you confirm if you have this rear 3.5 mm headphones jack
Michael MurphyAuthor Commented:
No there is no headphones jack line out of any description, as far as I can see. You can see for yourself what is there: I have posted a photograph of the back of the TV (socket area) in my First Post, above. It is an attachment with the title: FullsizeRender.jpg  (44kb). As far as I can see there is NO jack socket.
I also posted a photo of the Diagram of 'connections' in the Owners Manual. It is attached to my second post above, with the title: FullsizeRender.jpg (109 kb)
Michael MurphyAuthor Commented:
It is a Thomson WHP 540U  
86.3MHz Wireless Transmitter.
Now we are getting somewhere, remember I have to imagine this :)
According to the specs Thomson WHP 540U  includes the 3.5mm
Connection:      3.5 mm Jack Plug / 6.35 mm Jack Plug<< is this on one cable one end is 3.5mm and the other 6.35 mm Jack Plug
Can be connected to all analogue and digital signal sources
- Integrated charging function/battery charge indicator
Technical specs
If you could use that then the 3.5mm cable will connectto this Digital to Analogue Converter Kit 3.5 mm socket as mentioned.
Michael MurphyAuthor Commented:
thanks for your advice. I  managed to revisit the shop where I purchased the TV and they agreed to replace it with a model containing a earphone socket. I have this now installed and working perfectly with my Thompson Wire free headphones. However I am still interested in the solutions you proposed, now theoretically. I have followed up the link you gave me: 
with a view to ascertaining whether it would have worked. I contacted the vendor of this item and am awaiting a reply. Will let you know the outcome, but I'm sure I'll get confirmation. Thanks again for the attention you gave to my question.
Did they replace TV? very cool so now you can use the older style headphones jack?
That's good service. I am impressed.
With regards to the Digital to Analogue Converter Kit that should have worked using the optical audio out  quote>the kit  contains a fibre-optic connection lead to connect the converter to the TV's Optical output socket.  
The converter is also powered from the mains and a power supply is included.  
Once connected to the TV optical> the analogue audio signal is available from the 2 x RCA  and phono connectors on the converter, 2 x RCA= Right audio channel (Red socket), Left audio channel (White socket).  
You will then require the correct accessory cable to connect to your Assistive Listening device or Cordless Headphone.
I am very interested in their feedback Michael Murphy and also I get great satisfaction helping you out of a sticky problem that's why I do this :)
Michael MurphyAuthor Commented:
Got replies from LG technical support and from the company BioAcoustics
This is the reply from BioAcoustics

In answer to your question you are correct in your reasoning that if the only output from your TV set is an Optical Audio-out (as opposed to an analogue audio out), you will require the converter you mention below.

Although this would provide an audio signal, the signal is not amplified.
You should use one of our cordless TV listener or Assistive TV listeners in conjunction with the above. This will provide you with superior sound and the facility to increase the volume to your personal comfort.

If you have, what you may describe at a ‘mild’ hearing loss, in the you have some difficulty in conversation and prefer the TV a little louder than others may, we would recommend the IS-410 or RS-4200

If  you describe your hearing loss as ‘moderate to severe’, where you have particular difficulty in conversation especially when on a larger group or noisy environment, plus you may wear hearing aids occasionally, we would recommend the SET-830-TV or SET 840-TV.

However; if you hearing loss is severe enough that you usually where hearing aids on a daily basis, and these hearing aids have a “T” or Tele coil function, then you should consider the SET-830-S or SET-840-S

This is the reply from LG

Good morning Dr Hogan,
Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that method will work for you as it can cause some compatibility issues. Converting a digital signal into analogue is an extremely sophisticated and tricky procedure and the digital signal is extremely hard to replicate. It may work for you, it may not. It is the kind of technology that the more money you spend on the converter the better quality it will be and thus increasing the likelyhood of success.

Therefore, it is entirely up to you Edmund what you would like to do. You can try the conversion and see how it works for you or if you are really in need of the headphones I can only recommend that you look at some other means of connection. Perhaps you have an external box such as a Sky or Virgin box that may support a headphone output?

I hope this has clarified the situation for you Edmund. If you need any further advice then please do not hesitate to ask.
Good advise from from BioAcoustics  they are on the know s to speak with their knowledge-base..

from LG they sound hesitant and are not in really in the know so give a round about sort of maybe you could options.
Leaving most of your questions to follow up with more.
Like me I have not tried every possible avenue and offered you the simplest.
But this nolonger relevant since you replaced the TV?
What to add?
with reference to>Perhaps you have an external box such as a Sky or Virgin box that may support a headphone output? <<let me explain that from experience,
This my main audio video setup
I have a Panasonic digital twin HD TV tuner DVR which has a 350 gig HDD, The TV is also connected to the Panasonic and the same with Cable Foxtel.
So everything is connected to the Panasonic DVR, then the Panasonic and the TV and the PC is connected to the 3 way video audio switch which is connect to my Pioneer AMP that has 5 Sansui speakers. the Pioneer AMP has the old head phones jack.
So I simply change the switch, it slides to left or right for the different input sources
this one exactly,
Black 3 Way Port Audio Video AV RCA Switch
One being the TV alone one being the Panasonic for when I watch the TV/cable through Panasonic DVR the 3rd one is my PC
 with 3.5mm Male Stereo Plug to 2 RCA Female Jack audio out from my PC speakers socket with an audio splitter
Lots of cables but it works great not that I have hearing problems yet
I have never used wireless.
Can you picture that :)
Well I upgraded it with a raspberry pi /raspbmc and as my TV has a hdmi connected a raspberry pi to that and now can play high def mp4 video from a usb stick or HDD to the TV  which is connected through the video audio switch to my Amp.
I still have it all but the raspberry pi added a newer hardware that can have all sorts of devices added.
It has also taken off and now they come complete with frodo or linux installed  with enclosures.boxed with XBMC and even a remote control
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