Unable to repartition hard drive - Windows 8.1

I had to take my laptop back to the factory defaults twice (long story...)
I originally wanted to create a partition for data only separate from my applications
That worked. I assigned a drive letter and seemed to be good to go
I did that successfully but then I noticed an extra partition that I couldn't access and thought I had made some kind of error so I used my restore disk to take the computer back to factory defaults again.
Now, I have the C: drive but it also shows the 450 MB partition I created, 2 D: (RECOVERY) drives, an EFI System Partition drive (don't even know what that is) and a 400 MB Healthy (Recovery Partition)
To make things more complicated, I can't do anything in Disk Management. I am signed with an Administrator account but there are no options to expand or shrink a partition, assign a drive letter or anything else.
I just want to keep the C: drive absorbing the partitions I don't need), one D: Recovery drive and the 450 MB I originally created.
I'm attaching a screen shot and would appreciate any help
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Gary CaseConnect With a Mentor RetiredCommented:
It's not very likely that the data partition you created is still there => the 450MB partition is apparently part of the recovery process -- not sure why it's got the two tiny pieces (the 400MB partition at the start of the disk, and the 450MB partition you thought was one you created; along with the actual recovery data in the 29.49GB partition).    It's also unclear why it lists the D: drive twice at the top (it may be a volume within a partition), but it's only occupying the indicated 29.49GB shown in the graphic).

In short -- all looks fine.   If you want a separate partition for your data, you DO want to shrink C:, so you'll have some free space for that data partition.    I'd just right-click on C:, select Shrink Volume, and shrink it by the amount of space you want to use for your data partition (perhaps 450GB or so).    Once you have some unallocated space, you can then simply right-click on that space and create a new volume for your data.
Seth SimmonsConnect With a Mentor Sr. Systems AdministratorCommented:
your recovery drives are OEM (from the manufacturer); EFI system partition is for booting using UEFI (don't delete this partition).  your setup sounds normal

...and there is no screenshot
rindiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The EFI partition is used on UEFI systems and GPT disks for the boot information. It is a requirement. The "Recovery" partition is the one used to do a factory restore, so that is needed too. But you can probably remove it's drive letter as it isn't used in normal usage..

For the rest of your problem it would maybe help if you could post a screenshot of your diskmanagement.
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lakhiAuthor Commented:
Here is the screen shot. Sorry - I thought I posted it before
Seth SimmonsSr. Systems AdministratorCommented:
you obviously can't expand since there is no free space after C
the layout, though, is nearly identical to my home system
what exactly are you trying to accomplish?
Lee W, MVPConnect With a Mentor Technology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
You said you reset your computer to factory settings - if you want the ability to do that, you NEED the recovery partitions.  As explained earlier, you NEED the UEFI partition as well.  Basically, you need what you have in the screen shot.  If you want to shrink the C: drive, fine, but otherwise, I'd agree with Seth - we need to know what exactly - or more to the point WHY EXACTLY you want to do what it sounds like you want to do.  more than 95% of a 1TB is usable to you and the remainder allows you to recover the system from a non-hardware failure.
Are you able to shrink the "C:\" Partition? If so, just do the shrink, and after that you will be able to create your new data partition in the space you freed up.
lakhiAuthor Commented:
No I cannot shrink the C:\ partition. I cannot take any actions on the Disk Management screen except  when I right click on the C: partition I get "Shrink Volume" or "Change Drive Letter and Paths."
If I right click any of the other partitions, all I get is "Help"
I understand that I need one recovery partition but I don't understand why D:\ is listed twice
You seem to contradict your comments. You say when you right click C:, you get Shrink volume. So what happens when you shrink the volume?
lakhiAuthor Commented:
I don't want to shrink the volume. I submitted that information to indicate the only choices available to me.
you should understand that your whole disk is in use, so, in order to make a new Partition on it, you MUST  free some space first - and the ONLY place you have for doing that is the C: partition
the new partition can then be created in the free space
But WHY do you need another partition?
there's no real need imo
Then what is it you actually want to do, if you don't want to shrink C:\?
noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
Wht is your goal your want to achieve in partitioning this drive?
lakhiAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your help
You have explained my issue
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