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I have been placed as emergency IT in place of someone else quitting. They have Sarafa email server and I need to setup a forward for one account. I'm very new to this technology, familiar with Exchange and Groupwise. I have root password but Unable to login. I'm thinking I'm loggin in to just web access. What is a default URL for managing this server? Can I setup email forward via web browser? If not how else do I do that?
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Simon BabaevSEOCommented:


Log on screen should pop up.. once it does, use the root password for admin access.
mavrukinAuthor Commented:
hi Simon,
I was able to login as "administrator" but its only showing me Administrators mailbox. Where do I see all user mailbox management?
mavrukinAuthor Commented:
we need to setup email forward on couple of accounts How to do this?
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