Error migrating VM in SCVMM 2008 R2

A while back I bought a second enclosure for my EMC san and tried migrating my VM's to a new cluster made up of 15K rpm drives via Migration Wizard in SCVMM 2008 R2.  I have two hosts using 5 different failover clusters.  This worked on all but one of my VM's, on the one where this failed it put the VM into a failed state on SCVMM, but it was still accessible on the host.  However I suspected that it was not highly available in this state.  In any case I wanted it manageable from SCVMM, so today I did the following.

Shut down the VM.

Copied VM files to a different cluster

Deleted VM from SCVMM

Deleted remaining files from Cluster

Copied files back to correct Cluster

Tried recreating the VM, got an error that it still existed on the Host.  I then ran a SQL script in Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio in order to remove any remaining hidden VMs.  

I then successfully recreated the VM in High Availability State – at one point I received an error that there were resources in existence in the cluster for a VM with the same name, so I removed these resources via cluster manager on the host.  I did not do this on the other host, though now I feel I should have.  After this was done I went through the steps to recreate the VM in SCVMM, and I was successful.  

Now here's where my problem is:

After I was done I shut down the VM and I tested migration.  Migration via drag and drop doesn’t work.  - Error message says:  Unable to migrate the virtual machine AVDB2 because the host HV-01 is not a suitable host for the virtual machine.  To select from hosts that are best suited for the virtual machine, use the Migrate Virtual Machine Wizard.  Do you want to start the Migrate Virtual Machine Wizard now?

At this point I select Yes, and the migration via the Wizard does work.

Does this mean anything for the High Availability of the server?  Is there an easy way for me to test the high availability without compromising my VM by disconnecting the server?  The page I found in Microsoft Technet for SCVMM errors doesn’t have any suggestions for this error.

Below are links to sites I was using to work through this issue.
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MaheshConnect With a Mentor ArchitectCommented:
please check if HV-01have enough resources to accommodate migrated VM resources
It might be possible that If you tried to migrate VM through SCVMM, it might get you warning \ failures based on criteria set in scvmm or due to some wrong configuration.

Have you tried to migrate VM from cluster console?
If its successful, then you need to look at SCVMM configuration for wrong configuration
Also no need to turn off \ disconnect VM, you can test live migration
dejavoodoo77Author Commented:
I did forget to mention, I'm in the process of a server upgrade, so my total VM's together exceed the resources of a single host for the time being, but there are enough resources on the target host to accommodate the migrating VM.

I'll look through the SCVMM configuration for any errors.  I've never tried migrating via cluster console, only through SCVMM.  I'll take a look at that as well.
If your VM live migration \ quick migration operates correctly from Hyper-V cluster manager, it means problem lies with SCVMM
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