Enabling SEND AS logging - Exchange 2007

Want to enable logging so that every time a user does a SEND AS it gets logged.

Have got two mailbox servers, and two hub transport/client access.

Looking at one of the mailbox servers, in "manage diagnostic logging properties", I can see MSExchangeIS.
In that there is 9000 Private and 9000 Public.
Both have SEND AS.


1. Do I need to set to EXPERT level for both 9000 Prvate and 9000 Public?
2. Which servers? Just mailbox or all of them?
paul williamsAsked:
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Satya PathakConnect With a Mentor Lead Technical ConsultantCommented:
Manoj BojewarCommented:
1) Private only
2)Mailbox servers only
paul williamsAuthor Commented:
I set SEND AS in 9000 private to expert. Server has since been rebooted.

But Im not seeing anything in event log as expected when I do a send as.
paul williamsAuthor Commented:
Ah. Found it now - Why is it application log and not exchange auditing log?
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