Superstitions ?

Superstitious about anything?

- discuss or nominate superstitions, in any order

Not a great example, but as I recall, one was for daring third on a match - after lighting two cigarettes, will match last for the next two of four people? (<ouch> again). Then again:
...during the Crimean War to World War...
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Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
"Two on a match" is an estimate of the time it takes for a sniper to take aim and fire on the person holding the match.
Paul MacDonaldDirector, Information SystemsCommented:
Not a single thing.
SunBowAuthor Commented:
You referring to that helicopter hovering outside your bedroom window, and personal opinion?
What about others in reported history?
 comet Hale Bopp
A Drone May Be Filming Into Your Bedroom Window Right Now, Really - MARK KARLIN - 26 June 2014
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SunBowAuthor Commented:
How about those such as sports and, coaches, favoring 'lucky' __________
(what? clothing? player? tie, hat, shirt, shoes, beard, dirty sweatshirt ....)
(or - which sports?)

Good luck aside from sports?
Favorite Saint(s)? Clover? Horse shoe, rabbit's foot...

What is bound to happen, when,.... one walks beneath a ladder, on friday the 13th,...
oblivious to not only the black cat, the banana peel on the line/crack of sidewalk, previously dropped tools, the open, uncovered manhole, the paint drops, and ...
the inexperienced underpaid painters above with precarious bucket ...

Does anyone here know their birth sign?
Does anyone here not know their birth sign?
SunBowAuthor Commented:

> the time it takes for a sniper

er, confession, I'm a thinkin' I'd be superstitious about having head above trench, whether person is lighting match or lantern, using flashlight or electric lighter. I'd likely be superstitious about being on the front line, seated in front row, sent to trenches, or trusting a 'boss' who says: "it's ok, you can trust me."  Similarly for being told to sign numerous lengthy "agreements" that bear clauses containing "I understand the above" or anyone's simple explanation for what it is that is being agreed to - especially when no one else signs their agreeing as well, and no copy of what is agreed to is provided. I can sometimes find it all too easy to get superstitious

As for cameras mounted on drones, etc., they have now developed ability to not only hear, but to also see through the household, through walls, although reported distance is limited to 50 feet. So it probably does not work well when used across a bustling street.  I'd also get superstitious about boarding commercial air carrier near where numerous drones are aloft performing vicarious duties.

Anyone superstitious about running red or yellow light?
SunBowAuthor Commented:
Surely there must be others, such as against 'science'?

a) Where public may agree in general about global warming, or fracking,  they remain distrusting of the background science behind issues, -> Isn't that like being superstitious?

b) Similarly, public backing support of governors' (plural) plea for propagating fear with creation of isolation enactments (arrests) re: ebola, with and without legislation, applied against healthy health care workers. Doesn't that qualify as being superstitious? Or is it something else?
Quarantine of Kaci Hickox => aids political aspirations
SunBowAuthor Commented:
Groundhog Day 2015: Punxsutawney Phil sees shadow, predicts six more weeks of winter - Feb 2 2015

Superstition has it that fair weather [at this midpoint] was seen as forbearance of a stormy and cold second half to winter,” NOAA writes in its summary of Groundhog Day background and folklore.

Groundhog Day-like celebrations are held in several other regions of North America where other furry rodents make their predictions

Jimmy the Groundhog Bites Wisconsin Mayor During Ceremony - Feb 3 2015
SunBowAuthor Commented:
[Noticing lack of tag for image above, it was of the superstions regarding ebola epedemic in USA - Kaci Hickox, Maine Nurse Quarantined in Ebola Scare]  - quarantine enacted by Gov. Chris Christie (not governor of home state; currently high ranked national advisor for Pres-Elect.)[Judge Kevin McNulty agreed with New Jersey state lawyers that Christie and state health officials are immune from the federal civil rights charges]

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Recently came across the following information and more (with this text source being Wikipedia):

 Significance in professional sports      

When the Philadelphia Flyers hockey team played Smith's rendition of "God Bless America" before their game on December 11, 1969, an unusual part of her career began. The team began to play the song before home games every once in a while; the perception was that the team was more successful on these occasions, so the tradition grew.

At the Flyers' home opener against the Toronto Maple Leafs on October 11, 1973, she made a surprise appearance to perform the song in person and received a tremendous reception. The Flyers won that game by a 2–0 score. She again performed the song at the Spectrum in front of a capacity crowd of 17,007 fans before game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals on May 19, 1974, against the Boston Bruins. Before that game, Smith had a "Flyer Record" of 36–3–1. Boston's forward, Phil Esposito, infamously tried to jinx the Flyers' "good luck charm" by presenting her with a bouquet of roses after her performance. The Flyers won their first of two back-to-back Stanley Cups, winning that playoff series -  against the Boston Bruins four games to two, with Bernie Parent shutting the Bruins out 1–0 in that game.

Smith also performed live at Flyers home games on May 13, 1975, when the Flyers beat the New York Islanders 4–1 to win game 7 of the Stanley Cup semifinals, and on May 16, 1976 (one of her final public performances), before game 4 of the Stanley Cup Finals, when the Flyers lost to the Montreal Canadiens 5–3 and were swept in that series.

The Flyers' record when "God Bless America" is played or sung in person stood at a remarkable 94 wins, 26 losses, and four ties as of April 26, 2011.[8] Smith and her song remain a special part of Flyers' history. In 1987, the team erected a statue of Smith outside their arena at the time, the Spectrum, in her memory. The Flyers still show a video of her singing "God Bless America" in lieu of "The Star Spangled Banner" for good luck before important games.
SunBowAuthor Commented:
{noting sparcity # experts commenting that MQ originally posted at 50 pts, the limit at that time}

Comment by: Dave Baldwin 2015-01-09

  > "Two on a match"

paulmacd: 2015-01-09

> Not a single thing

the former a double entendre

{So doubling the score with extra for 'best'}
SunBowAuthor Commented:
Done.  {closing}
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