copying "favorites" of IE and Firefox from one computer to another

I'm changing computers. I transferred files. I'd like to keep my favorites for IE and Firefox. Can I do this?
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nobusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
2 most common ways are  
1- connect the drive to a working pc, and access from there - or-
2- boot from a live cd to acess the folder, if the pc is still working
here an example Knoppix cd :
for IE: you need to save all link in C:\Documents and Settings\xxxxxxx\Favorites

IE folder for Windows 8 would be: C:\Users\xxxxxxx\Favorites

all IE link in the Favorite folder will have to be transfert in the same folder in the new pc.

for Firefox, you can use this app that will create a backup file of all your firefox favorites: MozBackup

This app will also be used to put back your Firefox favorites into you new pc.
Are you transferring the user data?
Mozilla has a way to sync out your settings out so that as long as you maintain the information/needed for decryption  and once you enter the data in the new system, your settings will be brought in.

As others pointed out the data is in the %userprofile% and for Mozilla it is in appdata.

Presumably the export option from either browser is known.
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you can export the favorites also
open Favorites, select down arrow and select import or export favorites
now specify the favorites you want, and the folder where you want it (usb stick?)

you can import them the same way
RaiderNationDelegateAuthor Commented:
The "old" favorites are on the old hard drive. How do I access the folder on that drive? c:\xxx\xxx
do you have the old hard drive with you? Is it on your old PC?
C:\documents and settings\username or c:\users\username

Where C needs to be replaced with the drive letter assigned to this drive when attached to another computer.
RaiderNationDelegateAuthor Commented:
I have the old HD. I'm connecting it to a new pc. Win 7

So you will found your favorites:

for IE: you need to save all link in "Old drive:\Documents and Settings\xxxxxxx\Favorites

IE folder for Windows 8 would be: old drive:\Users\xxxxxxx\Favorites
hopefully you can copy it out without problems
RaiderNationDelegateAuthor Commented:
I'm sorry... I think I'm missing something., I have favorites from Firefox and IE.
Old drive is connected via usb.
Windows 7.
How do I transfer from, to?
FROM: ??
TO: ??
favorites, you wuld navigate to the new driveletter for the old drive users or documents and settings
copy the stuff

Provided the username profile is accessible, if not you would need to take ownership.
The only issue is if the profile is encrypted/secured.

similar for firefox, you would need to navigate to username\application data\mozilla\firefox\profile\[uniqueidentifier]\bookmarks.html (copy) there is also a bookmarkbackups directory there.

you should clone the drive and work on the clone just in case.
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