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we have a domain IP as and while configuring DHCP from the sonicwall for the client machines, we face a problem as below

While keeping DNS as domain server IP, we face problem browsing the internet but in LAN Sharepoint application works perfectly.

When we configure the DNS of the ISP as well as, internet browsing workd perfectly but face problem accessing the sharepoint application.

Can someone advice as what configuration will help to solve the problem.
Hiren LapsiwalaManager - Information TechnologyAsked:
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kola12Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Configure Your DHCP to distribute Your Gateway IP Address , Your AD DNS IP Address for DHCP Clients.
In Your DNS You should configure forwarders to
You should use your AD DNS. In Your DNS configure forwarders to
Dilip PatidarCommented:

please assign GATEWAY and DNS in AD and then assign the AD DNS in the your network.
Hiren LapsiwalaManager - Information TechnologyAuthor Commented:

Can you please explain in detail regarding the assigning of gateway and dns in AD and then assigning the AD DNS in the network.
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