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I am looking for a recommendation on some software.  I am president of a non-profit organization and we have a building.  This building has keys and codes for alarms and other devices.  I want to be able to track who has what key (master, front door, side door, offices, etc.) and who has been given a code for the alarm, or other devices.  We have had this on a simple spreadsheet that is now lost, so I don't know who has what.

I am trying to find Windows software that can do this tracking so that when people come and go, I can track it.  Any recommendations?  When I search for open source key, I get key loggers (not what I am looking for).  When I search for physical property I get landlord/tenant or property management suggestions (again not what I am looking for).  Any suggested Google Searches?

Thanks in advance
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ericlockshineConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Thanks Merete,
I was looking more for something like this (I found this after posting my question):

Paul SauvéRetiredCommented:
You could use either LibreOffice Base or OpenOffice Base to develop an app to do this. Both are free MS Office-like software...
ericlockshineAuthor Commented:
Thank you Paul, but not what I was looking for.  I want something I don't have to develop (I don't have time).  I want something that can be downloaded.
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Hi ericlockshine  Track them??  please explain
just have everyone fill in an attendance sheet upon entry and exit applying their position and station what roll they perform?
You should you have an attendance report every day of everyone?

regards Merete
ericlockshineAuthor Commented:
Hi Merete,
So a little background would be needed to fully explain.  I am president of a temple.  I'm not the first, I won't be the last.  I have been president for 2 years, and I will be president for only 2 more years, after which someone else will be responsible.  

We have keys that we give out to people.  Members, clients that use our building, and employees.  At one point, we had an administrator who is now gone.  The administrator had the list of who had a key, but it was not written down anywhere, so right now, I don't know who actually has any key.  

We have over 30 keys for all the locks in the building each of which may have multiple copies.  Some are security keys, others are regular house keys.  The security keys can only be made by the locksmith, while the other keys can be made by any hardware store.  So that going forward I know who has what keys, I was looking for some software that could track all this information.

I don't simply need a list, but a database of this information.  This way, the next president doesn't have to worry about who has what key, he or she can just go look at the information.

I can probably develop something to do this (I am a programmer by trade), but I don't have the time, and I know that a program already exists.  I was just asking for a recommendation from other experts for a program to use.

One of the "keys" is a code for the alarm system.  Those alarm codes need to be added to the system and then tracked so that it can be removed when a person returns their keys.  More than likely, I will be adding people to the alarm, and removing people that already have codes.  I want something that can track this as well.

What I meant by "when people come and go" was receive a key when they get hired, or are given a key (when coming), and then when they leave either as an employee, or no longer need to have a key (when going).  Also, if we need to change a key for whatever reason (a lock broke, a security key is lost), I can contact those people who would be affected if the lock is changed.

Does this make a little more sense?

Regards Eric
Thank you Erik
Yes it is as I imagined, I have only the experience from what I have done so I hope I can give you a little direction or ideas.
Sounds like the dramas of Real estate Agent Rentals :)
This seems a roll for a manager as you said.
There is no real software to do this for you until you gather all the details first,
For example,
I  called into do a task at a bank, I have two keys, now at the front door is a mat inside a set area,
if you cross that mat after hours without inserting the password into the control panel it triggers the alarms.
I was assigned a password which I key in when entering the premises while On The Mat.
Even during office hours as I am going behind the front desk, when I key in my pass word it describes who I am in the control panel, if it is after hours all the security lights on the doors go from red to a single green.
This is recorded somewhere.
When I leave I must sign an attendance book. But I keep the keys.

This all managed by security with security cameras at some location with security monitors over the internet.
I can see on the two screens inside the bank split x 4 cameras in the display what area that camera points to and who enters or leaves that area so that's what the security guards see as well.
The only way to get this information back from all your staff,
first step
It might be a good idea to have them all fill in the attendance sheet as I said above, sorry I edited before you posted.,
As your starting from scratch and using no software atm.
There should be a security staffroom  with a security code for everyone and this is the one that that should keep a record of attendees when they code in,
 and inside with some form of board where keys are hung with that attendees name and number?
It is like this BigW- Woolworths and large companies.
They also include  barcode scanners at the main entrance you may have noticed.
They all have to have an access code to enter this room and this logged in the security room.
just for ideas come back with your responses if this is in the right direction.
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 Also I looked into sccm osd app catalog software
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MereteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Ah yes I actually looked at that but felt it didn't cover all your requirements.
Very good Eric.
my line of thinking was with the board
ericlockshineAuthor Commented:
The Aidex software is really what I was looking for, and other than the price (more than we can afford) is a good solution.
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