How to force text onto a second line within a cell that contains a formula?

I tried the Alt Enter method, but it does not work with a formula.

Example of desired output:      
“The new title is:
Going Strong”

Fixed text:
“The new title is:”

Variable input field in cell B3: (Value will vary in character length and word count)
“Going Strong”

Current formula (Please see the attached workbook)
="The new title is:"&B3
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Wilder1626Connect With a Mentor Commented:
="The new title is:" & CHAR(10)  &  B3

Open in new window

Then, click on WRAP TEXT
wrap text
Katie PierceCommented:
I would suggest two separate cells.

"The new title is:" in B4
"=B3" in B5

See attached.
kbay808Author Commented:
I need this to update a current tool that I can’t add another cell to.  The cell produces the notes that the user copies and pastes into a work log.  I need it all to be in 1 cell.
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Katie PierceCommented:
Hmmmmm, the only other trick I could think of would be to add spaces to the result:

="The new title is:                                           "&B3

This would give you a set amount of space following the static info, but since the title would be of varying length, it might not work.  But you could give it a try and put in a max number of spaces you think would work.  Then set the column width to accommodate that.
kbay808Author Commented:
That worked great.  Thanks for the visual aid too.  That was very helpful.

="The new title is:"&char(10)&B3.

Set the text in the cell to 'wrap'.

See attached Version 1 of your file.

i'm glad i was able to help
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