I have a client that is running the below config, they are complaining its slow! I wanted to know how I could make this faster. I can only thing of a PCI SSD or fusion card.  
Here are the specs:
AMD FX 8120 8core processor 3.1 GHz
HDD Hitachi 2TB
HDD Samsung SDD 256 GB
NVIDIA GeForce GT630
64bit Windows7
I need to run Adobe programs (especially After Effects CC 2014 and Premiere CC 2014)
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JAN PAKULAConnect With a Mentor ICT Infranstructure ManagerCommented:
one of many things to check would be your cpu/system fans -if system is overheating your cpu will throttle down to avoid hardware damage

get yourself cpuz and test


you also might have a problem with donwscaled hard drive /ssd controller
 use speccy and check speed of controller

JAN PAKULAICT Infranstructure ManagerCommented:
few options

1 get another 256  ssd and do hardware raid 1 (if motherboard allows)
2 or/and add gtx card like Gigabyte GTX 980 G1
3 or if you can afford pciexpress ssd (revodrive)
AaronSystems Administrator & DSTCommented:
Depending on the motherboard and the current RAM you may be able to upgrade to a higher frequency- also worth checking the BIOS to make sure that it is set to run at listed specs. I know for one of my builds (and this is common) 1600mhz ddr3 ram often comes up at 1333mhz by default and you have to change it in the BIOS.

Also it is worth noting that not all SSD's and HD's are treated the same (a raid as Jan suggested above) would likely help. However if what is slow is working on files/saving and changing files on the 2TB you might want to look at that. Check to see the cache and what the speed is 7200rpm is standard but you can get as high as 15000rpm.

The best thing in this case is likely going to be an upgrade of the GPU or if the mobo and PSU allow you could run a crossfire/sli duel GPU setup. Personally I think that is kind of a whimpy card (the NVIDIA GeForce GT630) especially for video editing.

It might be worth it to just make sure everything is running as it should be (does all the ram show up and at the right frequency - what is the CPU usage at - are there a lot of high efficency options selected for the hardware - is there a heat issue).

Once you have checked the current hardware is working right you can go ahead and start upgrading. Might be worth it to check for viruses as well and make sure fast boot is enabled (you can also disable the splash screen for bios - not really recomeneded) but take a look at what is "running slow" for the user to see if you can pinpoint if/where their is a bottle neck in the system.
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>>   they are complaining its slow!  <<   i would start by defining slow
what is slow - and how much time does it take to do a task, or start a program
we can work from there

**i assume the OS is installed on the SSD ?
Gerald ConnollyCommented:
I agree with nobus, how can you diagnose percieved problems without some empirical evidence.

Lets see some screen shots of Perfmon, when the system is running "slow" to give us some idea of what might be the bottleneck, we can drill down from there
what startup time does it take?
AJ1978Author Commented:
Hi All - Thank you fro all your advice, I will get more details and get back to you. I agree with you all but I need to see the machine and see it performing slow as I was surprised myself.
Daniel FoyeCommented:
Of course a faster CPU, more RAM, and good speedy drives are all factors, but I think that this comment by Aaron is the most important:

"The best thing in this case is likely going to be an upgrade of the GPU or if the mobo and PSU allow you could run a crossfire/sli duel GPU setup. Personally I think that is kind of a whimpy card (the NVIDIA GeForce GT630) especially for video editing."

I second the idea that the installed GeForce GT630 GPU is the weak link in the system for a person doing GPU-intensive tasks.

At the lower, but great bang-for-the-buck end of the spectrum, the nVidia GeForce GTX 750Ti is awesome. It's what I have in my desktop and it has been great.

For an even better upgrade, the GeForce GTX 970 or 980 (especially if you install two of them in SLI mode) will rip!
AJ1978Author Commented:
I have seen the machine and its looks like the graphics card as the client is trying to edit 4K video, I will try this fist and then report back. But all your support is appreciated.
that should be no problem, given your specs
AJ1978Author Commented:
The issue here is cooling the AMD CPU will go to a MX of 60c according the their site.  The CPU will spike to 70c and the machine will crash, I will try a new FAN to see if this help then I can look at the graphics issue but when running on an SSD its fine but the main concern is the CPU heat.
don't forget to replace the heatpaste on the cpu also
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