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I'm new to using Crystal Reports so I'm sort of feeling my way through the product.  I had an old report that I needed to tie into a separate data source.  I copied the crystal report definition and changed the data source on the copy to my new database by clicking on the old source and the new source and selecting Update.  The name of the original source table did not change but the properties of the source reflects my new source location.  I included a screenshot of what I changed.

The new report opens fine manually and shows data from my new data source but I'm using a 3rd party application called Logicity to schedule the report to run each day, convert to PDF and save to a network file location.   When Logicity tries to open the report, it makes reference to the original data source name and can't find it so issues the error - also in the screen shot.

My question is:  Am I changing my data source correctly?  Is there a better way to change the data source on this report?  I'm guessing the 3rd party app is confused because my source name still says VMI_WC_PRIO when my actual source is V_WC_PRIO_RWOforPURCH_JF.  

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mlmccConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It did seem to update it at the table level.

Did you reschedule the report after making the change?
Some schedulers read the report in and continue to use the "old" version information like database name and tables until it is rescheduled.

I think you have to select the database name in both places then update.

vastoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I agree. As far as I know Logicity supports one datasource per report and will use the one on top of your table.
If you update the database instead of the table you will have one datasource  ( the correct one) and Logicity will be able to use it. If you update the table datasource there will be 2 report datasource, one on the database level pointing to the old database and one on the table level pointing to the new database. Logicity will use the first one.
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valmaticAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the responses.  My screenshot just shows the results of what I did.  I actually tried to update at the table level by selecting the table in the top pane and the table (view) i wanted to change it to in the bottom pane and that left me with the mixed bag I have.  The problem is that both the old table and my new view exist in the same database.  Is there a way to make the report read the new view.  The original is a table and the view I'm trying to replace it with both have identical fields.  The view just has some exclusions built in.
Can you upload the report ?
valmaticAuthor Commented:
mlmcc, your thought to reschedule made me try something on a hunch.  
Originally, I copied an existing rrd file and then opened with Logicity and made the changes I wanted to the copy.  Turns out Logicity doesn't like this.  I recreated the Logicity file from scratch and now it executes fine.  Somethign to keep in mind...

thanks for the help, both of you.  :)
valmaticAuthor Commented:
splitting the points...  thanks
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