Unable to choose microphone/webcam in skype


I have installed skype on Fedora 20.
Now, when I call to anybody the partner can't hear or see me.
1. In the settings there is PulseAudio server (local), and there is no other microphones in the list. However I think, I have even two microhpone, first - built-in microphone in my laptop, and the second embedded to the web camera.
2. Built-in webcam does never not seem to work, so I use external webcam. At the skype video settings I'm enable to see my video stream, but at the call there is no picture at all, furthermore the video button is disable, and can not be pressed.

Please, ask, additional info, whether required.

Thank you,
Nusrat NuriyevAsked:
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gheistConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You need to either uninstall pulseaudio, or use pulseaudio configuration tools to select the microphone.
Kiran ChCommented:
Did you install the drivers for that external webcam?
Nusrat NuriyevAuthor Commented:
Welcome back, gheist :)
Hello my friend :)
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