NTFS permission did not apply to all subfolders, why?

This is a Windows 2008 x86 server,  patched up to date.
A user would like to have Read permission to a folder which contains 4 subfolders.  I noticed that the permission was only applied successfully on one subfolder, not the other 3. On the other 3 folders, his account did not even show up in the account list.
Here is what I have done-
Right click on the folder | Security | Edit | Add | add his account and leave the default permissions as is (Read&Execute, List Folder Contents, Read) | Apply.
Under this folder, there are 4 subfolders only, no files. Only one subfolder inherited the permission. His account even did not show up in the account list on the other folders

Please help!

Thank you!
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NVITConnect With a Mentor Commented:
For the folders that didn't inherit, under Permissions, is the "Include inheritable permissions..." checkbox set?
techcityAuthor Commented:
That's it!
Thanks for the update, techcity. Glad it works now.
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