Exchange OWA shows blank screen, how to resolve?

This is using a single MS Exchange 2010 server in MS Windows 2008 R2 AD Domain. However, recently when browsing to the OWA, it shows a blank screen, and the url turns to:

Why? How to resolve it?

Thanks in advance.
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MichaelBalackAuthor Commented:
forget to tell you guys, this server is also a DC.
MichaelBalackAuthor Commented:
Hi Satya,

I ran all the command as stated in the 2 links, but still, problem persists...
Md. MojahidCommented:
You can try reset owa directory and modify authentication setting.

There are a few different issues it could be.  Were there any errors in event viewer?  You can try the 2010 option in the spiceworks link I had above.
MichaelBalackAuthor Commented:
Hi Satyak, these solve my owa problem as well.
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