Outlook Anywhere clients getting certificate error popup for incorrect certificate

I have an isolated problem (on one brand new laptop) where the Outlook Anywhere client (Outlook 2013 connecting to Exchange 2010 server) is getting a certificate popup error for autodiscover.xxxxxx.net, which doesn't exist and is not named in any of the connection parameters.  I have other Outlook Anywhere users who are not getting this pop up and are using the same settings.  

When I click View Certificate, I get my legit UCC certificate made out to webmail.xxxxxx.com (and some other SAN's), but not autodiscover.xxxxx.net.  Where is this error coming from and how can I track it down?
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fuzztone65Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I think I got this one resolved.  I deleted autodiscover.xxxx.net from GoDaddy DNS and the problem went away.  Not sure how it was pulling in that particular address, but it does resolve to the same IP address as the webmail.xxxx.com server.
The certificate installed on exchange have webmail and autodiscover.domain.com included in it?
Is it a self-signed or third party certificate?
fuzztone65Author Commented:
Yes, it has both webmail.xxx.com and autodiscover.xxx.com included.  Is a 3rd party certificate.
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fuzztone65Author Commented:
Not sure why this worked or why the error was even happening in the first place, but after removing the DNS entry from GoDaddy servers, the certificate errors went away.
MAS (MVE)Technical Department HeadCommented:
If you remove autodiscover from external DNS server your external autodiscover will not work. i.e. autodiscover will not work for external users.
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